Why Golf Is Suddenly Such a Turn-On

charl schwartzelCharl Schwartzel may be my new fantasy crush -- in a non-creepy, older woman kind of way -- and not just because he won the Masters yesterday. No, it's because until I watched the final round, I had forgotten just how sexy the game of golf could be. The form-fitting pants, the strong, tanned arms, and, of course, the accents. Not the hum-drum regional American ones but the foreign ones. And there were a lot of them represented at the tournament.

Schwartzel, who expertly birdied his last four holes, is South African, and his accent makes me giddy. I have a friend, the husband of one of my BFFs, who has the same accent, and though we sometimes make fun of him because we can’t always understand what he’s saying, I love hearing him speak. He sounds so manly.


The two players who tied for second place -- Jason Day and Adam Scott -- also have amazing accents. They're both Australian and in listening to their interviews, they just somehow seem more interesting than the unaccented ones.

And I’m not the only one who thinks so. An informal poll of of my Facebook friends on the appeal of an accent yielded lots of likes. But why is that? A little deeper digging turned up the following reasons: Accents are rugged, exotic, and sophisticated. Mundane, everyday statements, like "Please pass the butter," just sound better and sexier when you say them with an accent.

An accent can even make the biggest jerk seem more attractive, at least temporarily. I dated a British man for a few months. And his accent was a big part of what attracted me to him in the first place. I know, sounds kind of shallow, right? But after a while, the accent stopped making me forget all of his issues, and the reasons that he was not the right guy for me became clearer.

My husband doesn't have an accent. Like me, he was born and raised in the non-Southern part of Florida. But I still think he is very sexy. I guess the universal language of love is the same with or without an accent.

Does a man with an accent have automatic sex appeal?


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