Watch Nikki Reed Meet (& Fall For) ‘Idol’ Star Paul McDonald (VIDEO)

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If we start hearing Paul McDonald sing some love songs on American Idol in the coming weeks, we'll know why. The smiley Nashville writher, and Idol hopeful, is dating, get this, Nikki Read from Twilight. Twi-whatdidyousay?

Remember when the Idol cast went to the premiere of Red Riding Hood? That's where the two met. Nikki even said right there in front of the Idol cameras that she basically thought Paul was hot and wanted to jump his bones, and apparently it didn't take long for Paul to capitalize on this gold-mine of a crush.

But Paul's not the only one getting some in the Idol family. You'll never guess who Casey is hooking up with! And who Lauren is flirting with! Seriously, when did the Idol mansion turn into Olympic Village?


Let's start with our favorite Nudie suit-wearing, Sun-In highlight sporting, Crest White Strips icon, Paul "Whisper The Songs" McDonald. We all know that I'm not his biggest fan, but who am I to get in the way of true love. Did I say true love? I meant Skype love, because, yeah, that's how Nikki and Paul are communicating.

Nikki is on the set of Breaking Dawn and Paul's busy choosing terrible songs and spazzing out on stage, so they haven't had much time together. But something tells me that 26-year-old Paul didn't waste the precious moments he had with 22-year old Nikki -- dating a Twilight cast member is the equivalent of dating ... nope. Nothing's bigger than dating a Twilight cast member.

And Casey! Rumors are swirling that he's hooking up with Haley in the house! Kudos to my man Case for getting himself a lady friend on Idol. But Us Weekly reports that it wasn't that easy ... Haley had the hots for Stefano first, who rejected her. (That seems about right.) But nice to see that Casey jumped right in there, like Paul, and made things happen.

So Twilight fans, if you can sing, and you're kind of cute, I suggest auditioning for Idol next year. You never know which cast member will fall in love with you! Did I mention that Lauren Alaina has been texting with Taylor Lautner? See? Anything's possible.

Twihards find yourselves some vocal coaches and see you at the auditions!

Do you think Paul and Nikki make a good couple?

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Watch when Paul and Nikki first met:


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