Couple on Track for Sexless Honeymoon After Crazy Stunt

hikeAn engaged couple from Canton, Michigan are about to embark on one of the craziest wedding stunts of all time. They're going to hike 2,500 miles to their wedding in Lake Meade, Nevada, beginning the trek in mid-April and walking 15 miles a day. Did you do the math? If all goes according to plan, that will put them at their destination some time in September!


On the one hand, I admire this couple for being so fearless and incredibly romantic to embark on such a challenge together. After all, marriage itself is an adventure, and this couple is definitely taking that to heart.

But on the other? Goddamn, that's a lot of walking! Won't they be tired and cranky with lots of blisters by the time they get to their wedding?

Do you think hiking 2,500 miles to a wedding is crazy romantic or just plain crazy?

Image via chadmagiera/Flickr

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