Howie Mandel's 'Mobbed' Will Make You Sob

MobbedI've been called a cold-hearted bitch before. More than once. But if you saw me while I was watching last week's premiere of Mobbed, you would most definitely disagree. Mobbed is Howie Mandel's new show that takes the flash mob concept, turns it into a production worthy of Broadway, and incorporates the element of surprise for an unsuspecting participant.

Last week's episode featured Justin, a lovestruck boyfriend and his equally loving, yet somewhat jealous, girlfriend of three years Nikki. While Mandel and his team were interviewing Justin, they came up with the idea that not only should Justin ask Nikki to marry him, but that he should ask her to marry him right there and then.

At that moment, my heart burst and the tears started flowing and nothing had really happened yet. But I knew that there was so much more to come and that the ending would be spectacular. Come on, it's Howie Mandel. Deal or No Deal.


Some of the highlights leading up to the grand finale included watching Justin try to learn a dance routine with his groomsmen, seeing the look on Nikki's face when a pretend former girlfriend throws a drink in Justin's face, and watching the flash mob, with its choreographed dancing and singing, unfold.

And of course the piece de resistance: Justin's romantic proposal and Nikki agreeing to get married right there and then, in front of the mob and their friends and family that had been flown in for the surprise. The look of excitement, terror, and love on her face is just WOW.

And this cold-hearted bitch cried for a full 43 minutes. My husband kept coming into the dining room to ask me what the heck was wrong with me. (I missed the premiere so I was watching it on Hulu.) It felt like I was watching an extended Hallmark card commercial. And I wasn't the only one reduced to a puddle by this show. From my friends to the online comments I read, people are saying that they cried through the whole show. A bunch of babbling fools. 

I guess that we all really want to see a real life fairy tale come true. And when it comes true for real people, it just resonates deep down to the bottom of our hearts. Romantic, sweet, and over the top. I love a good, happy cry. I can't wait to see what Mandel does for his next episode.

Did Mobbed reduce you to a crying fool?


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