Call NATO! Women Are Torturing Men With 'Mind Games'

stop torture nowIt's no secret that women in less developed parts of Pakistan are treated like second-class citizens and, worse, tortured. But, did you know that in the urban areas of Pakistan, a more heinous crime takes place every day? It's called the mental torturing of men, and doggone it, something needs to be done to stop it!

At least, that's how male lawmaker Jam Tamachi Unar feels, and he's proposing a committee to stop it. Oh, and he actually suggested this genius idea after another assembly decided to create a group to investigate the torture of women in the country's rural areas. Yep, he actually said, "It's a bitter truth that the same way women are tortured in rural areas, men are the victims of mental torture in urban neighborhoods." That is one big set of balls there, my friend.


I mean, wow, is Unar making a joke of this? Women are tortured, raped, imprisoned, and held as sex slaves in some parts of Pakistan. That is something that needs to stop. That is something that needs real attention. If by "mental torture" Unar is referring to his wife "nagging him to get his feet off the coffee table," he needs to just deal with it and stop wasting time trying to form some BS committee for it. Although, I guess, in a weird way, Unar is copping to the fact that although women may not be able to physically overpower men, we can totally dominate them mentally.

Women do play mind games with men (I wouldn't use the phrase "mental torture"). We all have mentally messed with a man at some point or another in our lives -- including myself. Because we can.

For example, you know how when your boyfriend or husband asks you if you would be mad if he went out with the boys, and you're all, "No, it's fine. Go."? But, really, if he goes, when he comes back, he's going to be in for a world of pain? That's a mind game. And apparently something Unar doesn't appreciate. And, in the dude's defense, despite the fact that they do a lot of stupid, annoying things (will you ever replace the toilet paper, honey?), they don't play that game. Men are black and white, women are black, white, pink, green, red, and chartreuse! That's the way it's been for ages, in every part of the world -- deal with it, Unar!

So, yes, Unar, you're right. The "mental torture" of men actually does exist, but to suggest it in Pakistan? Where women are being raped and murdered? Wow. You know what you remind me of? A school girl on a snowy day: No class.

What do you think of Unar's crazy proposal?


Image via Duke Human Rights Center/Flickr

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