Which Kind of Mattress Is Best for Sex? The ULTIMATE Answer!

Getting a mattress is no small undertaking. First, they're really expensive. Second, if you sleep next to someone every night (like I do), you may disagree on firm versus soft, etc. Sleep is a serious business and no one wants a mattress that could potentially screw with their ability to catch their beauty rest.

And then, of course, there is the whole issue of sex. Just what kind of mattress makes for the best sex? Without the resources or the time to check out a million different mattresses, it's hard to know for sure which mattresses are the best for the mambo.

Luckily, someone else did the research for us. The folks over at Sleep Like the Dead created a little survey and evaluated which kind of mattress was best for sex.


You (like me) may be wondering just how many types of mattresses actually exist out there. It turns out, there are more than you think. In the survey, they evaluated air mattresses, memory foam mattresses, water mattresses, latex mattresses, and inner spring mattresses.

They based the criteria on whether they were good for "active" sex, loud sex, whether they were bouncy or durable, if they were comfortable and allowed for position changes, whether they were supportive, whole bed suitable (meaning: could you use the entire surface of the bed for sex as opposed to just the middle or sides), and which allowed for fastest climax.

Each mattress was evaluated in each area, but since most of us are parents and just want to know the end result, we're getting there. If you're a parent, the two most important things are likely the ability to be fast and the ability to be discreet.

For parents, the bedroom does become the main place to have sex. When I was a newlywed and we had our whole condo to ourselves, we used to use other rooms liberally, but now, our mattress better be sex-friendly.

All that said, it seems the only mattresses parents should be considering are the memory foam and the latex. Both are good for discretion, which matters. Kids pick up pretty quickly on the bouncing sound in their parents' room. Both are also fair to good on allowing for quick climax. Clearly this matters if both mom and dad are going to get off before they have to pick the kids up at the sitter's. So there you have it. Go forth and have good sex.

All that said, what kind of mattress do you have? Is it good for sex?


Image via Eddie~S/Flickr

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