Hugh Hefner Nays Prenup, Confirms He's Gone Senile

hugh hefnerHugh Hefner, you dawg. Getting hitched again? Man, what is this? Marriage number three? That's all? Seems like more. Well, no one needs to tell you that your fiancee, Crystal Harris, is one beautiful lady. And it's so cute that you proposed to her by putting the ring in a Little Mermaid box. But marrying her without a prenup? Now, that's just crazy talk.

In case you didn't get an invitation, Hugh Hefner is set to marry 24-year-old Harris on June 18 at the Playboy Mansion in front of the grotto in a silver and white themed wedding. (Hey, you can't say the girl isn't classy.) What won't be making an appearance at the wedding, though, is a prenup -- because Hef "actually cares" about Crystal. Is he telling the truth? Has Hef gone senile? Does he just figure he hasn't got much longer to live, so, "what the hell"?


Let's do the math here quick. Hef is 84 and worth $43 million. Crystal is 24 and worth, well, probably not that much. How could he not have a prenup?! That, right there, has to be the work of a man who is throwing in the towel.

They actually care about each other? Puh-lease. No, they don't. Well, maybe Hef cares about her, but we all know that the only thing Crystal sees in Hef is giant dollar signs -- especially since there are rumors of her cheating. Don't do it, Hef! Get a prenup! Leave all your crazy cash to people who actually care about you, not a woman who is using you.

Hef has been with a series of gold-diggers his entire life, and if that's what he's into, who am I to judge? But, Crystal -- totally random Crystal -- she is the last one to hook up with ol' Hef, so she will be the one to reap all the benefits. It just doesn't seem right. She's known him the shortest!

I hope Hef's sons talk to their father -- who, let's face it, probably is a little senile -- and convince him to get a prenup. Hopefully, they'll be able to convince him that his "oh, who cares, I only have a few more years to live" attitude is going to be hurting a lot of other people. And if they can't, I hope he lives to 200!

What do you think of Hef not getting a prenup?


Image via cliff1066/Flickr

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