Cameron Diaz Has Fake Sex With Justin Timberlake (VIDEO)

Bad TeacherEven after starring in Knight and Day opposite Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz is still the coolest actress around. From confessing to her love of watching porn to her ability to act like one of the guys and still be sexy. So I’m really looking forward to seeing her and co-star/ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake in the movie Bad Teacher coming out in June.

The trailer for the movie is raunchy and laugh out loud funny. Just my sense of humor. And the pairing up of Timberlake and Diaz is genius. The chemistry, the history, whew. Diaz has been singing Timberlake's praises, saying that, “We wanted the best person for the job, and Justin was that person. He's such a great comedian.”

The couple, who broke up in 2007 after being together for four years, also have a raunchy sex scene in the movie. I wonder how Timberlake's now ex-girlfriend Jessica Biel and Diaz's boyfriend Alex Rodriguez felt about that.


Because sure, it's easy to say it's no big deal working with an ex. We’re all grownups and the past is the past. But quite frankly working with an ex can be a bit awkward. Especially if you’re Diaz and Timberlake and you're doing sex scenes for a movie. Everyone knows they’ve done it before. Multiple times. And we've all read how much Diaz likes sex and how she thinks it keeps her young. (I love that girl.)

No, I would steer clear from working with any of my exes, whether it’s an ex-boyfriend or my ex-husband. My ex-husband and I work together enough raising our two kids. But if my husband worked with one of his exes? No, I wouldn't be into it. Not that I’m insecure in our relationship. It just would be, well, weird. Late nights, sweaty in the restaurant, unwinding with a glass of wine. On second thought, I probably should have no worries because when my husband comes home from work? Boy, does he smell. Even I don’t want to go near him.

Just for fun, here's the Bad Teacher trailer:

Would you care if your other worked with one of his exes?

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