Should Women Who Seduce Teens Get Off Easier Than Men?

older women, teen boysWhen you and your girlfriends get together, you may crack a joke about the underage busboy with bulging biceps or whisper an observation about your son’s best friend with the sexiest, most smoldering eyes you’ve ever seen on a 16-year-old. Where were guys like that when you were that age, you might quip. Then you all giggle and move on to talking about something legal like shoes or gossip or Dancing With the Stars.

But Lacy Dashiell Hill isn’t one of those women. She’s accused of having sex with a 14-year-old boy.

Now, I know teens are looking like young adults these days, with features more developed than the very parents who birthed them. But there’s no way that a grown a** woman could mistake a high school sophomore for her peer and not enough height in the friggin’ NBA to make a mentally stable adult think that a tall kid is still not too doggone young to get the time of day


Since the child is of course unnamed, we can’t get a good look at him to see if maybe, even possibly, she could’ve been none the wiser that underneath his mannish exterior (because I’m hoping he at least looks like a man), he was really — gasp! The horror! The shame! — some poor mama’s teenage son. Even though I used to resist the urge to drool over a very under-18 Chris Brown (that dude was probably sexy when he was in utero), I know it’s illegal to have sex with a teen boy. You know it’s illegal to have sex with a teen boy. So it stands to reason that Lacy over there in Virginia knew it was illegal to have sex with a teen boy.

So it begs the question: What could possibly be the attraction behind a 30-year-old woman and a 14-year-old boy?

First of all, we gals have a hard enough time getting 30-year-old men to act like they're on 30-year-old women's level. So most of us would be darned if we'd to sign ourselves up to deal with a minor, even on a purely sexual level. And I can’t even begin to imagine that a boy would have what an experienced chick would need in that department, either. Just because he has the tools doesn’t mean he knows how to fix the faucet, you know what I mean? So what was she thinking she was going to get out of this deal?

What’s interesting, though, is that she wasn’t slapped with statutory rape for her totally unethical antics. She was charged with carnal knowledge. I can’t help but think if this would be the reverse, if this were a case of a man sexing up a teenage girl, he’d need protective custody and be facing a whole scroll of multiple counts and charges. I smell a double standard.

But that doesn’t mean I’m defending what she did. Wrong is wrong, male or female. And this female was dead wrong for this one.

There’s no mention of the boy’s mother. What would you do if you found out your son or daughter was having sex with a much, much older person?

Image via Made Underground/Flickr

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