Drug Companies to Market Broken Heart Medicine?

broken heart really hurtsAsk the person next to you if they've ever suffered a broken heart. I would bet 99.9 percent of them say yes. It is part of being a human on this earth: falling in love and, sadly, getting dumped.

And every dumped gal pal will tell you how she aches ... and she really is aching, friends. A new study shows the part of the brain triggered when Billy broke up with you in the seventh grade is the same part of the brain that turns on, say, when you have appendicitis. Yeah, the heartache we feel is a real, full-stop physical hurt.

Hmmm, are they going to make a pill for that?


Researchers at University of Michigan ran the study. They scanned the brains of 40 people who had been recently dumped and looked at their brain activity when they were looking at a picture of their former love, when they were touched on the arm with a hot probe, and when they were asked to think about a good friend. The scientists found that both looking and thinking about that former love and being touched by the hot probe created similar brain reactions. So, getting dumped and getting hot coffee spilled on you feels the same -- according to your brain.

What does this mean? Will I be able to tell Kiddo when she gets her first broken heart that I can kiss it and make it better ... and it may work? When teenage girls everywhere tell their moms they can't possibly understand how they are feeling after a breakup, their moms can say, "Well actually I can since I went through 15 hours of labor"?

I'm just wondering what drug companies are doing with this info. I'm seeing Band-Aid developing a patch of some kind to place over your broken heart. I'm sure we will soon have TV commercials for broken heart medication ... just like for erectile dysfunction and allergies. Picture it: a young woman staring at a picture of her and her former boyfriend, her looking at a text message saying it's over. Some man with a nice sounding voice explaining there are ways to help that pain and then rattling off all of the possible side effects. Perhaps it will have a cute ladybug flittering around her.

What do you think? Does a broken heart really hurt?


Image via suez92/Flickr

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