Prince William Won't Wear a Wedding Ring -- Should More Men Skip It?

wedding bandsIt seems like every day we get another tidbit of info about the upcoming Royal Wedding. The latest: A spokeswoman from the palace dished to People magazine today that although Kate Middleton will wear a band made from Welsh gold, "there is only going to be one ring, in accordance with the couple's wishes."

As it turns out, a prince opting out of wedding band-wear isn't all that rare. Prince Charles didn't wear one when he married Diana (although we all know how that turned out). And in other society or royal weddings, it's common for there to be just one ring.

Sure, one of the main reasons people even wear rings is to signal that they're taken. Prince William might just be one of the only men in the world for whom that reason is unapplicable. I mean, who DOESN'T know that he's getting married? From the North Pole to New Zealand, people will be tuning in on April 29 to watch him say "I do." 

But something about him not wearing a ring that kind of bugs me ...


Because even though a ring mostly signals "I'm taken," I feel like it serves other purposes, as well. Romantic, sentimental purposes you might not want to so easily forgo.

If Kate is good with it, and it really is her "wish" for him to skip the ring, that's cool. Whatever they want, right? But for me, I'd really really like it if my boyfriend-someday-husband would wear a ring.

One of his best buddies just got married last month, and he's a civil engineer. His wife joked that they picked out a band with a hammered look, because if he nicks it at all when he's out working with his hands, it won't really matter. He kept joking that he wasn't used to wearing it at all, but when he lost it in the ocean on their honeymoon, it was so important to him to wear a band that he beelined it to the resort jewelry store and got a temporary replacement until their jeweler at home could re-order the original. Aww!

I hope my boyfriend takes a tip from his buddy. Because even though he also works with his hands, sometimes wearing gloves, sometimes not (he's a movie electrician), I think it's something worth getting used to. Don't get me wrong -- I trust him with all of my heart; I'd be fine with him taking it off occasionally on days he knew he would be getting really dirty, working outside or whatever. I wouldn't even care if some of the pretty women he works around (even THE Pretty Woman herself, aka Julia Roberts!) thought for a moment that he might be single.

It's just sort of a constant romantic gesture; I want to see that band and think, "Yes, he's my husband." Besides being a signal to others, I really think it serves as a warm-and-fuzzy and important visual reminder to the couple themselves. But I also believe it's completely up to the couple if they want to wear them or not. So more power to Wills and Kate. Maybe Kate can even make up for his missing band by laying claim to an extra crown jewel here or there! (Hey, why not?)

Do you think it's important for both husband and wife to wear their wedding bands or is it something that you'd be willing to let your guy forgo?

Image via kobaku/Flickr

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