World Penis Size Map Is Hard News to Swallow

penis siz map
Worldwide Penis Size Map
Man oh man, this is really bad news, guys. Based on the Worldwide Penis Size Map, we're coming up a little short here in the United States. That's right. The US of A and all its gloriousness is pretty far up there on the penis size chart. In fact, we're #98 out of 112 countries. And sorry, fellows, in this case, the bigger the number on the chart, the smaller the d*cks.

This sure explains a lot about Americans though.


This new chart clears up all my questions about all the big giant trucks and ridiculously enormous houses. It might also explain our love of gun racks, Sylvester Stallone, and the Super Bowl (whatcha gonna fill that big bowl with, huh?). And this really helps me understand Big Macs and Super Sizing and Big Gulps and especially that monstrous SUPER Big Gulp. You know what they say, right?

Of course, it also might explain why we're in three wars right now. To our mere 5.1 American inches, Iraq has 5.7 inches, Afghanistan has 5.3 inches, and Libya has 5.4 inches. You can sorta see why we felt the need to get out the big bombs.

Check out the entire world map of penises below.

What do you think? Will you be moving (or moving your man) to the Congo (7.1 inches!!!) anytime soon?


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