Emily Maynard & Brad Womack Are Too Embarrassed to Break Up

the bachelorEmily Maynard, apple of The Bachelor Brad Womack's eye, is up and moving from North Carolina to Texas to be with him. But just for the summer. And in her own condo. Smells like true love.

I mean, can you guys cut the charades and just break up already? You've already broken up before. You've admitted to how "tough" it's been. You had to ask each other on the After the Final Rose episode if you both even considered yourselves engaged! You're not fooling anyone. You just don't like each other and that's okay.


It seems like you two are suffering from the same thing other "celebrity" couples suffer from -- you're, like, embarrassed to break up. You think that you will have "failed." What's worse, though? Sticking with someone you don't like (and moving a few states away for them with your daughter) or just saying "bye"?

Actually, I think Brad does genuinely lke Emily. What's not to like? She's soft-spoken, sweet, drop-dead gorgeous, and has one of the most heart-breaking of stories ever told. But, Emily, oh honey. You never really seemed like you liked Brad all that much. I think you felt like you were "in too deep," though, after leaving little Ricki to go on a reality dating show. Maybe? Possibly? Am I a little bit warm?

Aside from your general interaction with one another, what makes me think this is a desperate attempt to convince yourselves -- and the world -- that you're oh-so-in love? That fact that we know about your moving through a press release. Is that really necessary? I mean, in order for me to write this post it is, but couples who alert the media when "things are going well" typically don't seem rock solid.

I think you should break up. Enough of this last-ditch effort stuff. Especially when Emily's daughter is involved. Is this really the best thing for her? To be completely uprooted, taken away from her grandparents and friends, just to "see how it goes" with Brad? Or worse, to take part in some cloak and dagger act?

You gave it a shot and it didn't work out. Happens to the best of us, guys. Don't sweat it. But, please, don't force it either. That will only make things worse. Oh, and Emily, if this doesn't work out, I have one word for you: Bachelorette.

What do you think of Emily moving to Texas to be with Brad?


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