Dude Offers $10,000 Reward to Find His Future Wife

Hook Chas UpSomeone tells you the story of a guy who creates a website to look for a soulmate. He's offering a nice sum of money to anyone who sets him up with his future wife. Sounds like a movie script, right? Well, it's not (or maybe it will be, but we'll get to that later). Chas McFeely from San Francisco has a website, Hook Chas Up, to find the love of his life. And he's giving $10,000 to the person who finds her for him.

It's the real deal, or so he says -- and has repeated in interview after interview since launching his site at the beginning of March. Why $10,000 you may ask? As he says on the site:

If this helps me find a soulmate, it'll be worth bazillions. But I don't have bazillions. $10K seemed to say, "I'm serious but not insane."

See, he's witty. He's sharp. He's not insane ... but is he really looking for love ... or something else?


The story of Chas and his website is all over the Internet ... which is nice for him. I have to hand it to him: the website is awesome. He mentions his love for Scrabble and monkeys, says he's an optimist, names some favorite books (A Prayer for Owen Meany and To Kill a Mockingbird).

It has the perfect tone ... the perfect photos ... um, it's too perfect. It's pithy yet honest, witty yet quirky -- almost straight out of a movie. Which makes my "he's trying to get something more than a soulmate outta this" radar ping.

If all of the media coverage hasn't tweaked the interest of Hollywood yet, it's only a matter of milliseconds before it does. I’m sure there’s a romantic comedy based on Chas and his story coming to theaters within a year. I can see it now. It will star Ryan Reynolds. He'll go on a bunch of dates, but will end up falling in love with his best gal pal or sister's friend or the techie chick that fixes his laptop (both literally and figuratively, wonkachickawhawha). 

On the site, Chas works as a "creative professional and entrepreneur," which makes the aforementioned radar ping a little louder. He says a blog is coming soon, and you can follow him on Twitter. Put all of it together, and I'm not sold he's in it just for love.

Here's the kicker: I think this is a great story idea. I'd go see the Chas movie the weekend it opens, I'd read the Chas chick lit book in one sitting. I'm already following him on Twitter. I wish you good luck, Chas. But now's the hard part, dude: coming up with that perfect Hollywood ending. I'll be watching.

What to you think of Hook Chas Up?


Image via Hook Chas Up

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