8-Year-Old Knows More About Love Than We Do

If we could design the "perfect man," what would he have? In my adult fantasy, he would be kind and good with animals, have all his hair, be taller than 6 feet, have at least a Master's degree, and make enough to support a family comfortably. His credit would be good and he would have the ability to make delectable meals and enjoy doing so at least nightly.

My actual husband has most of these things, minus a few hair follicles and the entire ability to cook thing. Still, I'll take him. I decided long ago that a checklist for a man was a great thing to have in your back pocket, but shouldn't really determine the course of your entire life. After all, what if you meet the man of your dreams and he is everything but he doesn't have soft hair? Then what?

One child, probably about 8 years old, created her "perfict boy 4 me" checklist and we would all do well to learn from her example.


The list, which was found in the backyard of WZLX radio DJ Pete Mckenzie, shows this little girl's criteria for the "perfict boy 4 me." His "haves" are soft hair, sort of tall or tall, nice body, "sweet hart," my friend, funny, a little "stuped."

Disregarding the fact that she wants a stupid guy for some unknown reason, it's important to note what wisdom she has. Generally speaking, the things she wants are the same things your average career-minded gal aged 28 wants as well.

And she is willing to compromise. Several things -- like "not that fat" -- and a couple other unreadable items are crossed out. This little girl knows that you can't get everything so you really have to pare it down to core values and what really matters to you so you can get the right man.

I'm no advocate of settling by any means. But it's nice to examine your standards once in a while and cross out some of the more rigid ones. Do I really care if he has all of his hair if he is kind to me and my children and is as driven and ambitious as I am? Probably not. These are the kinds of decisions that can and should be made.

There are some things one can relax their standards on and some things one cannot. This girl knows this already. She is lucky. Most women four times her age still don't.

Do you think this is adorable?


Image via WZLX

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