Bomb Squad Called In to Defuse Vibrator

vibratorCall in the troops, we've got a vibrator on our hands!

Oh, you ladies, when will you ever learn not to send your sex toys via regular mail? The number one rule of vibrators is always FedEx your vibrators. Preferably next-day.

A post office in Russia had a good scare recently when a worker came across a suspicious package that was "ticking" (something I'd imagine is high on the list of "things you don't want to encounter" when you're a postal worker). The building was quickly evacuated and anti-terrorist bomb squad experts were called in.

Much to their (and some lucky lady's) delight, everyone was able to have a good laugh when they realized that the "ticking" was nothing more than a "turned on" vibrator. Case closed.

Just another day at the office, huh guys? I, for one, am just glad everyone's alright. Or should I say o-right?

How hilarious is this?


Image via T.O.Y - EroticIcons/Flickr

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