Marrying Jessica Simpson One of the Highest Paying Jobs

jessica simpson eric johnsonHow do you feel about pre-nups? You know, legally-binding contracts couples sign right before walking down the aisle to try to preempt an ugly divorce battle in the case that the marriage ends. For most people, it sounds pretty pessimistic, right? It's like you're laying the groundwork for a breakup.  

Well, it sounds like Jessica Simpson must not have a lot of faith in her relationship with ex-NFL player Eric Johnson. (Or Papa Joe Simpson doesn't, which doesn't bode well for this relationship ... being that Joe always seems to be the one running the show for poor Jess.) Because the couple, who was engaged in November, will end up signing a pre-nup -- prepared by Joe, of course. But that's not all. The "iron-clad" document makes it seem like the Simpsons are rewarding Johnson for marrying -- and staying married to -- Jessica. "Rewarding" equals money. In other words, they're paying him to stay married to her!! Here's the deal ...


According to an "insider" who talked to Star magazine, the crux of the pre-nup is a "vesting plan," which has absolutely nothing to do with retirement. Well, more to do with the hopes that these two GET to retirement as a married couple. Eric gets $500,000 as a wedding present. Then, on each anniversary, he'll get another $200,000. If they make it to five years of marriage, he'll get an additional $500,000 bonus and $1 million if they make it to 10 years!

Maybe they decided to do this because he's already showing his true K-Fed-ish colors? The guy doesn't have a career of his own currently, and Jessica reportedly gave him his own high-limit Visa Black Card and an American Express Platinum card. They also have a joint checking account. (After less than a year of being together, oh my.)

I understand that Jess wants to protect her assets -- she has been very successful lately with her fashion/shoes/jewelry line -- from this guy who could turn out to be a gold digger. But why not maybe stay together for a little longer without getting married, just to make sure?

But PAYING him for time spent in a marriage? Icckk! Doesn't that make you cringe? It just has to be a recipe for disaster. Of course, I hope they're happy, have a baby or two, Eric goes and does something with his life, they rip up the contract, tell Joe to mind his own business, etc. But what if that's not what their future holds? Then isn't this contract just ensuring that Eric has a "vested" interest in staying in an unhappy marriage? What if Jess wants a divorce, but he refuses, because he has his eye on that $1 mil.? Uck, the uncomfortable scenarios abound.

The thing is, contracts like this are probably the status quo in Hollywood when one party with significantly more cashola marries someone with, well, less. I guess they have to think, "Who knows what could happen?" Happy marriages dissolve every day and end in divorce. So, I get why a couple would want one, but it doesn't make it any less cynical and sad.

What do you think about Jessica & Eric's "vesting plan" pre-nup? Would you ever get one?


Image via Jackson Lee/Splash News

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