Denise Richards Accuses Charlie Sheen of Murder (VIDEO)

Betty pug Charlie Sheen Denise RichardsThings don't seem to have gotten any more sane at Camp Charlie Sheen. Today he tweeted a maniacal custody battle cry of sorts against ex-wife Denise Richards and called her a kidnapper and a dog thief. Here's Charlie's tweet about Denise:

We must bombard with Warlock Napalm, that traitor and loser whore #DUH-neese POOR-ards. a vile kidnapper and now dog thief. hate.

But Denise Richards takes it further than that. She straight calls out Charlie Sheen for dog murder! Whoah, this newest custody battle is getting downright pugly!!!


TMZ reports Denise Richards is "furious" about the dog theft accusation. In defense of her current custody of the dog in question, Denise fills us in on what happened to the second dog -- the pug who didn't live to tell.

It seems Denise gave Charlie her two pugs when they divorced so the kids could play with them when they stayed at his house (as opposed to all those Adonis dolls, warlock stuffed animals, and Tiger Blood video games). But soon after Charlie's Plaza Hotel meltdown last year, Denise started hearing that the dogs were being neglected, so Denise picked up the dogs. The pug named Betty ended up dying of malnutrition, says Denise.

Charlie actually got the news about Betty's departure from one of his goddesses during an episode of Sheen's Korner, after which he delivered a long monologue about the dog:

She will be missed. Thank you for everything, Betty. Rock n' roll! Kick ass in the next dimension. Now Betty's dead. Betty had my birthday so Betty and I had an obvious connection. Betty was the sh*t. Betty was f*cking cool as hell. But she's dead, and now she's in another dimension, flashing her razor fangs, making her owner, her master proud. And that's how it goes. People die. Dogs die. What are you gonna do? Bring 'em back? Good luck. You're not me.

Indeed, Charlie, we are not ... you ...

WATCH Charlie's bit about Betty the pug (zoom to 8:05) -- *WARNING* language:

So Charlie now wants the other pug back from Denise so he can take it on the road as his tour bus mascot and Denise is like hell no. Sounds like we've got another raging custody battle on our hands. Unfortunately for Sheen, he hasn't been any sort of role model parent lately, let alone good dog master -- and then there's the glaring fact that his neglect of the first dog may very well have killed her.

I'm guessing Denise is going to get to keep the dog, along with the kids!

Who do you side with in the doggie custody battle? Charlie or Denise?


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