Bride Steals My Idea, Orders Cake Replica of Herself

cakeChidi Ogbuta really gets me. It turns out the 35-year-old bride and I shared the same vision for our respective wedding days, the only difference is she was able to walk down the aisle first, beating me to the punch. Dammit, Chidi! You win again.

Chidi and I both have a deep understanding about what a wedding day really is -- it's a chance to show off how amazing we look in our designer dress and to feed our guests a cake they'll never forget. All that "love" and "commitment" stuff can take a backseat to my Vera and my red velvet.

So when I read that Chidi took our passion for the dress and cake to the next level, I was both honored and impressed by her ingenuity and total selfishness. Chidi ordered a 5-foot-tall cake that was a flour and sugar life-size replica of her in her wedding dress.


Chidi and her husband, Innocent, renewed their vows at a ceremony in Dallas, Texas in front of friends, family, and the Chidi-cake. Innocent was supposed to have a cake made in his image too, but, oops, Chidi's took too long to make.

I searched for months to find someone who'd make my dream come true. Originally the plan was for two cakes -- one of me and one of [my husband] Innocent. Unfortunately, it took five weeks to make and we ran out of time.

I'm not so sure they didn't run out of raw materials, as well. The life-size Chidi-cake used up 200 eggs and 7.5 liters of amaretto, and it weighed 400 pounds. Poor Innocent's cake didn't even get started. What they would've done with two giant human-looking cakes clocking in at a total of over 800 pounds is beyond me, but whatever it takes to make the bride happy on her big day.

Well, second biggest day, since as I mentioned, this ceremony was a renewal of vows. It's at this point where I'm starting to search the Internet for images from Chidi and Innocent's first wedding -- you know there had to be some crazy, over the top decorations, or food, or outfits, or guests at that party. Alas, I found nothing.

Chidi said the cake took about a week to consume, with many guests stopping by to help her eat the monstrosity of a dessert. I guess Innocent knows how important it is to keep his wife happy and to go with the flow. I'm positive the cake wasn't cheap, if not totally egregious, but they've been happily married for ten years -- if it takes five weeks and two different pastry chefs from separate cities to make Chidi's dream cake come to life, then so be it. Her happiness, and as a result, his happiness, has no price. And after all, she's always looked good enough to eat, so dig in!

Do you think it's crazy to have a life-size wedding cake replica of yourself, or, whateves, it's her wedding day, she can do what she wants?

Photo via nerrisa's ring/Flickr

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