Hot Women Shouldn't Have to Pay for Dinner

woman with plate of moneyPretty women are less likely to offer to pay for dinner on a date than women who consider themselves less attractive. And good-looking men are also hesitant to part with their cash, says new research.

What up with that?

Do they think of it as getting reimbursed for all the effort and money they put into their appearance? Or maybe -- most likely -- they're just used to it.


It's not one of life's most pleasant truths -- especially in today's politically correct world -- but attractive people have it easier. It sucks, what with the whole inevitable aging process and everything, but that's the way it works. Since the beginning of time, pretty women have had men eating out of their perfectly-manicured hands. Why would they think to pay for dinner? I'm sure they rarely do. I personally take solace in the fact that everyone has their time -- and we'll all eventually be ugly together. It's not normal to be super society-ideal attractive forever.

Also, when women get too used to men fawning over them all the time and livin' the hot life, that's bad. They don't learn how to function like an "appropriate" member of society. Case in point: All the Real Housewives. (It makes for fantastic TV, though.)

But the big thing about this study that makes me sad is why don't all the women think their date should pay? I don't claim to be the most old-fashioned of women, but I do like a date to foot the bill the first time we go out (holding the door for ladies is nice, too). I think it's chivalrous. I think it's sweet. And I think it's a small glimmer of humanity in an otherwise iPhone-self-portrait-taking world.

Do you think men should foot the bill on the first date?


Image vis GKS./Flickr

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