Royal Wedding Teddy Not as Sexy as It Sounds

royal wedding teddyThe Royal Wedding is getting ohsoclose! Can't you smell it? I've followed the royal family ever since the age of 9, when I woke up at 4 a.m. to watch Diana marry Charles. It's time to really gear up for the big event ... and I'm wondering what to buy. The commemorative dishes are always a good choice, perhaps a mug for my morning coffee, maybe a book (yes, I had a few from Charles and Diana's heyday). And then I saw the Royal Wedding Teddy.

Get your minds out of the gutter, people, it’s not what Kate may wear on her wedding night. It’s a teddy bear. Dressed in Prince William’s uniform and paired with a replica of Kate’s (formerly Diana’s) engagement ring.

Though I'm an avid fan of all things royal, I’m just a bit confused. It's cute, but I'm not sure who this is for, I mean, who is going to buy this? Is it for kids -- do they even know who Prince William is? For a guy to give his royal fanatic sweetheart? For your royal-loving Nana?


If I bought it for myself, it would be -- like tortilla chips and the remote control -- co-opted by my daughter. But looking at this teddy bear, she'd strip it down and use the costume (which takes 12 hours to make) for one of her stuffed cats. The ring? A new collar for her Tyrannosaurus Rex. As for a gift for your sweetie? The ring fits on the bear's paw, so it's too big for her to actually wear. Unless she is the Kate and William uber-freak to trump all uber-freaks, I'm thinking she may not be too impressed with this token of affection. As for Nana, I think she would prefer a plaque with their photos.

Believe me, I'm all for royal goodies (now thinking I may nab a cute throw pillow), but the conception for this Prince William teddy bear is just a bit off. What would work -- if there was a Kate bear too! Oh, with a sassy hat and trench, yes!

Whoa! Hold your crowns. I think I'm on to something. Maybe they are waiting until the big day ... and then we'll have a Kate bear in a mini version of what I'm sure will be a fabu wedding dress! YES! Now that I would get for myself my daughter.

Will you buy any Royal Wedding gifts?


Image via The UK Gift Company/Flickr

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