Divorce-Dodging Polygamist Caught on Facebook

Robert Barton, Jr. polygamistJust when you started to truly believe that tracking a love interest through social networks was a bad idea, here comes a news story proving the value of the Facebook stalk. Except don't expect a bubbly, romantic happy ending to this story.

See, Facebook can be very helpful for investigating a guy's status -- especially if that status happens to be above and beyond "complicated." That was the case for Adina Quarto, who met Richard Leon Barton Jr. online in 2004. The two fell in love, got married, and had a child together. But it wasn't long before Barton was arrested in Rhode Island for being a parole absconder. He was sent back to his home state of Michigan to serve more prison time. (Red flag #1.) They were then estranged for more than SIX YEARS and "fell out of touch." (Red flag #2.) Barton got out of jail in 2009, but didn't return to his family. (Red flag #3.)


Then, thanks to good ol' Facebook, Quarto tracked her hubby down and wrote him, mostly to tell him that their son had autism, according to The Grand Rapids Press, which also reported:

It was at that point she learned he was engaged. They talked about getting a divorce, but no action was ever taken. In the weeks that followed, she discovered that Barton had "defriended" her on Facebook.

But Quarto's Facebook stalkin' skills prevailed, and she navigated to unrestricted-access photos of her bozo hubby, showing what appeared to be his and another woman's wedding on the beach in July.

What followed was a whole lot of back and forth about divorce papers, but Barton seems to be a lazy idiot who just couldn't get his act together. Quarto never received divorce papers, and so, after several months and a confrontation about the situation (wow, that is a whole lot of wiggle room she gave him, huh!), she called the cops, who promptly arrested Barton for ... polygamy! DUH.

His only comment? "I let love get in the way!" Hold on, I have to slap my forehead. Okay. Now I'm good.

If this is illustrative of the state of marriage today, then all I have to say is OMG. What a bunch of freakin' morons! First of all, it's really not that hard to get divorced before getting remarried, so what is this guy's problem? Second of all, you think de-friending your wife on Facebook is going to prevent her from finding out that you REMARRIED without said divorce!?

Yes, I say morons plural, because Quarto -- as much as I feel bad for her, especially because she's the mother of this idiot's kid -- gave Barton FAR too many free passes. And who just "falls out of touch" with their husband while they're in jail? After two or three years of no contact, you'd think she would have sent divorce papers.

Actually, Barton claims he signed divorce papers in 2007. But then why would he have discussed sending them to her after she found him online? Wow. You can't make this stuff up.

I actually find this to be a really sad, pathetic story depicting a.) how stupid some people are and b.) how little some people value marriage. Mostly, I just feel bad for Barton's kid. With a wackjob like that for a father, a pushover like that for a mother, and the added challenge of being autistic, he's surely got his work cut out for him. But hopefully, he'll somehow live happily ever after.

Does this story boggle your mind, too?


Image via Muskegon County Sheriff's Office

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