90 Year Old Woman Marries Way Younger Man

old coupleI'm inspired by Betty Erskine. She knows what she wants and she goes after it, and when she met playboy Robin Tremayne, she didn't let the baggage of three previous marriages get in her way. The saucy minx wasn't ready to quit on love, so she had kept her heart, and her retirement-home window, open to a new relationship.

Betty is an experienced woman and knows a good man when she sees one. So when studly Robin knocked on her window one morning seven years ago, she knew she couldn't resist this toyboy of a gentleman, no matter the age difference, or the fact that their combined age is 163.


Betty, 90 years old, locked down Robin, a sprightly 73, and the two were married last week in Devon, England.

The love doves met at the retirement community they both lived in. Robin would walk by and visit with Betty and soon the relationship moved from innocent chit chat to in-depth conversations. Robin, perhaps understanding that time with Betty is more precious than it is with someone else, moved into her place in 2009 and popped the question. The little devil couldn't wait to get his hands all over her I bet.

Betty agreed to the wedding because apparently, she likes to party, and party hearty. Her 90th birthday was only weeks earlier, but just one fiesta wouldn't do:

The wedding was a great chance to have another party. It just seemed right. We always agree and never fall out. He's patient with me and looks after me and that's all a girl wants really.

Amen, Betty, amen. I sometimes don't think I have the energy to order in dinner and at 90 you're planning parties and weddings? I'm impressed.

Her life to me sounds so ... perfect right now. All the drama is gone. No arguments over text messages, no carpools, no fertility issues, no in-law issues. It's a time in life, I'll admit, I look forward to. Just zoom me through a wedding, kids, a divorce (I mean, the stats are there), dating in my 40s, death of my parents ... all that stuff. I just want to feel the peace of Betty's life right now. To know what it feels like to know yourself. And to wake up next to a hot young 73-year-old who's patient, kind, and takes care of you.

Now, does Robin have any single brothers?

How does Betty and Robin's story make you feel?

Photo via maveric2006/Flickr

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