Breaking Up Stinks, Especially When He Steals Your Stripper Pole

x-poleBreaking up honks. No one likes to get the "We're done!" argument/talk/text/post-it note. You're upset, you're heart-broken and you have to redo all of the passwords on your computer. What's worse than breaking up? Breaking up when you, ahem, co-habitate ... live with someone ... shack up.

Yup, if you split with your lovey-wuvey when you're sharing a bathroom, while you totally want to crash on the couch and eat ice cream out of a container, you can't because you have to box up all of your stuff and move out. What could be worse than that?

If your ex steals your stuff.

In Palm City, FL, a woman had packed up her stuff after calling it quits with her boyfriend, went to work for a couple of hours, and then came back to find something missing. You'll never guess what was gone!


Yup, breaking up is tough -- and it's really tough when your ex takes your stripper pole. They broke up and the dude took her "expert dancing pole" when she was at work. Well, he allegedly took it, we don't know for sure, but she blames him for the theft.

Normally when you live with someone and the union goes kaput, you have to go through each book, each CD figuring out who's stuff is what as you part ways. Makes you wonder if you should get a label-maker and label each person's things when you first move in ... okay, yeah, that's really pessimistic way to enter a relationship, planning for the end of it and all, but it would save a lot of heartache when your coupledom turns sour. 

But, let's get back to the stripper pole issue. No disputing that this pole was hers. Really, even if she did the whole label thing, labelling a stripper pole would be a little redundant. 

Trying to put myself in the guy's position, say he's burned, say he's angry, say he wants to get even -- not the most mature thing in the world, but it happens. So, of all things to take, he passes over the computer, the jewelry, the ... oh lordy, I don't know what. The dude takes the largest thing in the apartment, something that takes a while to take it down. I'm sure he needed a wrench or pliers or something. And beyond getting even, what's he going to do with it?  It's not like he can give it to his next girlfriend, I mean, that's just tacky.

Sure, she could get another one (Amazon sells them for about $400 -- hey, it's on sale for only $329.99!), but, it's the principal of it, right? The pole is gone, she thinks he took it, and the ex maintains a burglar must have come in and snatched it. Needless to say, the police have reported there are no real suspects in the case.

What can we learn from this about breaking up? A lot, but mainly when you are moving out after a break up, call in sick to work. Just think, if she hadn't gone to work, she'd still have her stripper pole. 

Have you ever had a bad break-up?


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