Kate Moss, Her Fiance & Ex Don't Make a Model Wedding

Kate Moss on phoneIn case you didn’t know, Kate Moss, professional party girl/personal obsession, is getting married July 2 to Jamie Hince of the band The Kills. Surely, the Kate Moss wedding will be a fabulous event filled with fabulous people -- and her ex, Jefferson Hack, will be one of those people.

Kate is apparently giving Jefferson, who also happens to be the father of her daughter, a front row ticket to her summertime nuptials -- and Jamie, who has made it known he doesn't want the man she almost married there, will make the exception for Kate's daughter, who he loves like a good boyfriend should. 

But I say: Who cares? Man up, Jamie. You got the girl, not him. Sure, they have an 8-year-old together, but it’s only a matter of time before the two of you are making beautiful indie-rock babies together -- then you’ll have it all. (Okay, I’ll admit the “front row” thing is a little weird.)


See, I invited my ex, who I dated for four years, to my wedding and my husband didn’t bat an eyelash. Was I on the receiving end of a few raised eyebrows from friends? Of course, but that was to be expected. Said ex didn’t come, but it was apparently because of financial reasons, not emotional ones. 

The thing is, I wouldn’t have invited him if I thought there was going to be any weirdness. Because, you know, it was my wedding day and all. Ex and I broke up for a reason -- it wasn’t working! Sure, there are exceptions to this rule (ex is a jilted lover, the breakup was ugly, to name a few), but for the most part, I say it's cool to invite your ex to your wedding! You didn’t marry him because he wasn’t the one -- and if he’s still a friend, he should be there, like all the other important people in your life. (Especially if you’re inviting that random co-worker or your parents’ friend you haven’t seen in years.)

So, Jamie -- and any other dudes who are worried about your fiances' exes making an appearance at your wedding -- chill out. It's not a big deal. Really. It's ancient history. And if that's not enough to convince you, how's this: confidence and security are so much sexier than jealousy.

Do you think it’s weird to invite an ex to a wedding?


Image via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

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