More Women Are Becoming Unwilling Porn Stars

Revenge pornYou’re all wrapped up in love and smitten with his adorability when you finally cave to his ten thousand and fiftieth request to make a little “home movie.” Not the kind that you show when the McLellans come over for dinner and drinks (oh dear God no!). No, no, this one is for his eyes only, he swears. You’re hot. The video will be hot. And since you love him, you go on ahead and do your best Jenna Jameson when the camera rolls.

Then you break up and become an overnight celebrity because this muthasucka has posted your naked, up-in-the-air bare bottom on every website that would have it — and there sure are plenty. Jeff from accounting at your job, your next door neighbor with the weird eye, even (ack!) your hormonal little brother can stumble across your ride 'em cowgirl handiwork with the click of a mouse.

Oh, it can happen, video vixen. The trend is called “Ex-Girlfriend Porn.”


And it’s just as seedy and underworldly as it sounds. Even worse: some sites allow disgruntled douchebags and ignorant former flames to post your name, address, and phone number along with the footage of you in bed.

Porn havens like, which has little to no watchdog system for what and who’s being uploaded, allows users to add clips no questions asked, which means its thousands and thousands of featured videos can come from a mixture of wannabe professional smut makers and women with the misfortune of having an evil, twisted scumbag in their past (even though gay revenge porn is also a rising trend).

But there are also sites like and that cater specifically to the market of scorned jerks and voyeuristic freaks. And those are web homes designed for the deliberate humiliation of women who find themselves on the wrong side of the homemade skin flick.

Some sites let these losers vent their little emasculated bleeding hearts along with their posted scandalous material, and the main excuse for their bad behavior usually falls under the “I'm acting like a whole ass because she cheated” category. Revelation of the day, you idiot: It takes two to make a video, and judging by the prop you brought to the performance, we can all totally see why she went astray.   

What would you do if you found out your ex had secretly turned you into a home video porn star?

Image via Roberto Verzo/Flickr

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