Billy Ray Cyrus' Almost Divorce -- A Warning for Overinvolved Parents

Billy Ray Cyrus Tish
Tish & Billy Ray Cyrus
Looks like country singer Billy Ray Cyrus and wife Tish -- aka Miley Cyrus's parents -- are going to stay married ... for now. Billy Ray has called off the much-talked-about divorce, which the rumor mill say stemmed most significantly from an alleged affair Tish was having with rock singer Bret Michaels. Of course, Michaels totally denies the affair and then Billy Ray went onto badmouth Miley's Hannah Montana stardom as leading to the demise of his family. So I'm guessing Billy Ray was just coming to terms with Miley's independence and having an emotional breakdown of sorts

I blame a severe case of overinvolved parents syndrome.


Let's face it. Miley's parents have been completely wrapped up in her stardom for, well, forever. Obviously, we all want what's best for our kids; however, it doesn't have to come at the price of our marriages. You gotta know when to stop over-nurturing your kids and get back to nurturing your love relationship. Otherwise, people like Bret Michaels start to look pretty darn attractive. Just sayin'. And if it's not an affair that occurs, then it's just a deep disconnect, which sometimes cannot be repaired.

A few months ago, a source close to the Cyrus gang told Popeater:

Both parents have been equally involved in making their daughter a superstar. And now that they have achieved their goal they have nothing to work towards anymore and nothing to keep them together.

Blame the daddy-daughter bond, but Billy Ray seems particularly caught up in his daughter and his daughter's career, to the point, possibly, that he forgot he was a spouse too -- something, in my opinion, we should strive to put first even when we are parents.

Even now, though, with the divorce called off, I fear he has not hit rock bottom. He's not done with his "empty Miley nest syndrome." Today on The View, Bill Ray over-optimistically gushed:

I've dropped the divorce. I want to put my family back together ... Things are the best they've ever been.

I feel like I got my Miley back. I feel like we're the daddy and daughter we were before Hannah Montana.

Dude, who are you trying to convince? Us or yourself? This is not the usual cautious optimism most people on the verge of divorce usually observe upon trying to make it work. If he really wants to make it work with Tish, he needs to a) face his denial about he and Tish's marital strife, b) focus on Tish, and c) stop trying to be the Miley & Daddy duo you were ten years ago. That's not even normal! Kids grow up, relationships evolve, and we need to let them.

At the very least, let the Billy Ray and Tish "almost-divorce" be a lesson to the rest of us who are married and finding ourselves overinvolved in our kids lives to the point where we're letting our marriages slip. We must remember -- it is our jobs to raise our kids to be independent individuals. We should love and guide them with all our hearts, but we should also want them and urge them to break free. It's a good thing.

On the other hand, if you or your spouse wants to break free, that's not such a good thing. So Billy Ray, set your sights on Tish, talk to Tish, and stop thinking about and talking about Miley.

Do you think being overinvolved in your kids' lives can be damaging to your marriage?


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