Key to a Good Marriage? Tech Support

assembling furnitureMy husband bought a new iPad and he won't let me touch it. Truthfully, I don't blame him. I have bad gadget juju. I look at the remote sideways, and it stops working. I walk past the computer, and it shuts down. I'm not a tech person. My husband is (thank the hootie!) or else I have no idea how I'd get voicemail on my iPhone or upload photos from the camera, let alone be able to get this post to y'all.

On the other hand, there's no way he could put together the desk where I'm sitting. I can decipher directions and get Bracket B into Slot A. Give me a table from IKEA and come back in an hour (or two), and we can sit down for lunch. I know how to put together the play kitchen for Kiddo's room and that wardrobe sitting in the corner.

Yup, I'm the assembler and he's the tech support for our family. It's nice the way our strengths and weaknesses balance out, huh? But, I always wonder, what happens in a marriage when both people are tech-challenged?


What happens if you don't have someone in the relationship that's at least somewhat knowledgeable or decently capable in a certain area? Take handwriting. Okay, maybe not the first thing that pops into mind, but if both of you have horrible handwriting, who fills out the school forms or hospital forms? (I am the designated form-filler-outer.) Or, if both of you have an unnatural fear of all things creepy-crawly, who kills the bugs? (My husband is the official bug killer.)

Okay, so these may be minor, but think about the tech issue. If you both don't know the difference between a FireWire and a USB port, how do you ever get your computer set up? Especially in this era of technology really impacting our lives, what do you do if you both suck at this gadget stuff? Or let's say you both have trouble assembling things and you're pregnant and you need to get the crib set up? You've got a problem bigger than your belly. Either you'll have arguments while putting that crib together or you'll be paying out the wahzoo for the geek squad to come when the computer conks out -- or both.

Having one person wearing the tech guru hat or the assembler hat or the bug killer hat is huge in keeping the family humming along. Seriously, questions like this should be on and eHarmony. They should be covered in Pre-Cana classes. The most famous engaged couple in the world, Kate and Prince William, should be discussing who's gonna kill the palace bugs. Oh, yeah, they have people to do that for them...

Do you wear certain hats in your family?


Image via jronaldlee/Flickr

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