William & Kate Wedding Date Is a Cosmic Bust

kate middleton prince williamThe clock is ticking rapidly down to April 29, the date of Prince William and Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding, and while most people cannot WAIT for the day to be here, astrologers are pleading with the couple to do exactly that! Turns out, the wedding date they've chosen is a bad day for the planets.

What does it matter, you ask? Well, think of it this way. Natal astrology (as in, your birth astrology) explains your individual characteristics and traits based on when you're born. The same holds true for the birth of anything -- a country (born on July 4, the U.S. is a strong, family-oriented Cancer nation) or a marriage.

I know this because ever since I started getting even the slightest bit serious with my boyfriend, my mom has been on me with potential wedding dates. Not based on when we'll get a good deal at a venue or when the weather will be perfect. Oh, no no ...  


She picks potential wedding dates considering my boyfriend's and my natal astrology, and the astrology of the day. At first, I thought she was wacky to be taking this oh-so-seriously, but then I realized, it's actually not a bad idea at all. I mean, if you could actually control something that might bolster the staying-power and happiness of your marriage -- why wouldn't you do it?

So, as for the CliffsNotes version of why the Royal Wedding date isn't ideal ... In general, the sun will be in Taurus, which indicates a fixed, stubborn situation. You'd think that might be good for the longevity of a marriage, but it might actually work in reverse -- you wouldn't want to feel "locked in" in your relationship, right? A marriage needs to be flexible, fluid.

Also, several planets (Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Uranus) will be in Aries, a very volatile, competitive sign. It's also fiery and passionate, but I wouldn't be surprised if it caused frequent, albeit fleeting, blow-ups between these two.

And the moon will be conjunct Uranus, which translates to constant change, emotional change, change in the home ... maybe they'll have to move a lot? Maybe they'll live separately at times?

Hey, of course, we all want their union to be totally blissful -- a real-life fairy tale! And it still may very well be ... but for extra assurance, well, they would have been REALLY wise to pick another date!

Princess Di would have agreed. She was a believer in astrology, and she consulted astrologers about many decisions when she was alive. (Probably not her wedding date, judging from how that marriage turned out!) Some astrologers say that if she was alive today, April 29 would NOT be the date of the Royal Wedding!

But, it's pretty much too late now. If there ever was a wedding was 100 percent ON, it's this one! So, when it comes to the Royal Wedding, like marriage itself, I guess all the bride and groom can really only do is their best ... then let the cards fall where they may.

Do you think Kate and William should have consulted an astrologer about their wedding date? Would you ever factor in the planets?


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