Shaken Manchild Syndrome -- Signs Your Man Is at Risk

ben stiller PSA"You should never, ever shake a manchild no matter how angry you get," warns Ben Stiller in his very special public service announcement about the country’s second leading cause of adult-child death: Shaken Manchild Syndrome.

Now we know our readers at The Stir would never ever shake their husbands, no matter how many socks they leave on the floor, how much they claim not to understand how calendars work, or how ludicrous they behave on occasion; however, we do want you to know we understand your frustrations, and we want to commend you for every time you show restraint and resist shaking your manchild for his mind-boggling actions and behaviors.


According to Ben Stiller's heartfelt PSA for The Onion News Network, many men are at risk of being shaken really hard. Stiller admits he himself was a manchild until age 42 and gives these unseemly examples of manchild behaviors.

Signs Your Husband Might Be at Risk for Shaken Manchild Syndrome

  1. He leaves teeth marks in the block of cheese
  2. He has a cat oh-so-ironically named Dog
  3. He puts ketchup on his rice and noodles
  4. The only art he owns is a replica of Mr. Spock's Vulcan heart

Sound familiar? Then your husband may be a manchild and at risk. Seriously, I just had to go scream into my pillow after reading number one because it triggered me so intensely.

Just the other day my husband told me he'd need ME to write HIM a to-do list right after I reminded him verbally of several things he had forgotten to do. My ears turned red and I burst a blood vessel in my right eye, but I DID NOT SHAKE HIM.

What has your husband or partner done lately to put himself at risk of Shaken Manchild Syndrome?


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