Courteney Cox Destined to Be a Spinster?

courtney cox harper's bazaarIf you've ever watched Cougar Town, you know that Courteney Cox plays a recently divorced mom in her 40s who has to learn how to contend with juggling her past life (son, ex-husband) with the foreign-to-her, crazy world of dating and casual sex. Now, everyone seems to expect Courteney's life to imitate art. Ever since she separated from hubby David Arquette, the mom to 6-year-old Coco has had to answer to rumors about her potential foray back into the wild, wild world of Hollywood dating and casual sex. 

But the joke's on the gossip hounds because there's no Eva Longoria/Scarlett Johansson/Ashlee Simpson "I moved on yesterday!" juice here. In fact, it seems like Courteney's taking quite the opposite road ...


Harper's Bazaar sat down with the former Friend and found out that Courteney, unlike her character on Cougar Town, has absolutely no intentions to get with anyone new ...

I have no desire right now. I'm not saying never. It just seems weird. I don't even know how that would happen or how you meet people ... There's a sign on my forehead: EXITING SOCIAL LIFE, ENTERING INTO ISOLATION.

My suspicions are that Courteney really does still love her husband, and I'll bet she's still considering getting back together. (This is a separation after all, not a divorce -- she has to keep reiterating that to the press.) Otherwise, especially given how quickly things move in Hollywood time, divorce papers would have already been signed, sealed, and delivered. But regardless of that, why is everyone having such a hard time believing that Courteney wants to be on her own right now? Is it that strange for a gorgeous, successful woman to try the single life?

She explained to Harper's why she thinks maybe she needed time apart from David right now:

The thing is, when you get older, it's more about compatibility than it is about love. I think it's more about needing just a kind of peace and stillness. I'm kind of all over the place, and I need grounding. I want to be calm. I want to change a lot. I want to live not outside but inside. It's nothing with David; it's just what I'm searching for.

I do think it must be possible to find what she's seeking within the boundaries of marriage. However, I also completely get that it's possible that "peace and stillness" wasn't attainable for Courteney while she was with David. Maybe she's a serial monogamist who hasn't ever really found who she is, alone. And if you've reached your 40s and you've never had that -- I can imagine it's probably sort of disconcerting. You want to be that person who you've always aspired to be. And if your partner is in any way impinging on that transformation ... well, it probably makes sense to get yourself some space.

It's silly that the tabloids and public and probably some of Courteney's own FRIENDS (ha ha) are on her to jump right back into the dating scene. And there's the persistent rumor that she's hooking up with her Cougar co-star, Brian Van Holt ... which she denies. (I believe her.)

Because all she seems to be after is the chance to fall (back?) in love with herself -- which is completely fair. In fact, by embracing this period of "ISOLATION," she's probably setting an amazing example for other showbiz love 'n' sex-aholics!

What do you think about Courteney and other stars being expected to date right after a split? Do you agree it's healthy to have "time off" after a relationship to be alone?

Image via Harper's Bazaar

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