Pi Day Reminds Me Nerds Are HOT

Pi Day serves as a reminder to all the ladies who ever dismissed a "dorky" or "nerdy" man that they ought to rethink their strategies. Mama wasn't lying when she said the dorky boys with glasses were the ones to watch.

In college I mostly dated cool, bad guys who were all sorts of emotionally disturbed. I dated men who would quit jobs with no notice just because someone made them mad, men who would start bar brawls just because someone said a curse word in front of me, and men who did more drugs than Keith Richards, until I stumbled across a guy I had known since elementary school, a guy who I once dismissed as a "total geek" who eventually became my husband.

We couldn't be more different. I hung with an artsy, creative crew who never did anything by the book and he was more straight-laced. But we fit and his dorkiness became one of the sexiest things about him. Here are 10 reasons to look twice at the nerds:

  • Smart IS hot: As I've gotten older, I've found that the passion I so loved in my "bad boys" was actually much sexier in men that used it for good. When my husband came home during grad school after a night in the lab talking all about his experiments, I would have to jump him immediately.
  • They appreciate you: If he was a dork in high school, he appreciates that a lady as fine as yourself loves him and knows how to make you feel extremely special.
  • They are loyal: See above.
  • They can figure things out: I love being married to an engineer/scientist because his entire job is troubleshooting. He is creative in finding solutions and that is invaluable in running a home and being parents together.
  • They introduce you to new things: My husband always has some kind of crazy thing he wants me to see -- the throat singers of Tuva, America's Stonehenge, air bases I never would have visited. Usually it's something he read about and wants to share with me and I love it. It keeps things hot.
  • They will be rich: Think Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. Enough said.
  • They read: There is nothing sexier than my husband in bed with his glasses, reading a book, so into it he barely even acknowledges me. I will take that over a guy who watches the Super Bowl any day.
  • They make fabulous dads: For obvious reasons, smart men make very good daddies who help raise very smart children.
  • They can program electronics: This is important. Vital, in fact.
  • They take off work for Pi day: How cute is that??

Give me a "dorky" guy any day. Smart is hotter than just about any other quality in a man.

Do you love nerds? Why?


Image via nothingatall/Flickr

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