The Bathroom Question You Must Ask Before Getting Married

how do you hang the toilet paper?Tonight is the finale of The Bachelor. Rumor has it Brad will propose to either Chantal or Emily. Ahh, marriage! Aside from being in love, there are practical matters to think about, to ponder, to figure out if your partner is "marriage material."

You ask yourself questions: Will he be a good dad? Does he make me laugh (remember, the Obamas credit laughter as what keeps their union strong)? Does he believe in God? Does he get along with my family?

Then there's the little stuff: Is he neat? Is he messy? Does he snore? Does he eat with a strange clicking sound? Does he hum when he poops?

Sometimes those little ones can make or break a relationship, even more so than those biggies. I know there was one question my husband asked me before we got married and, if I had answered incorrectly, it may very well have ended our relationship:

How do you hang the toiler paper roll: over or under?


Yes, it brings a chuckle, a guffaw, a giggle, but, people, this is a serious topic. Think about it. You get married, you share a home (ergo a bathroom) with this person -- for the rest of your life! If you don't agree on how to hang the toilet paper, imagine the aggravation it will cause one of you on a daily basis for years. You let that kind of daily annoyance build up, and you end up on the evening news for wrapping your spouse in toilet paper while he sleeps and then filing for divorce -- at the age of 73.

It is just one of those things every couple should ask each other before they embark on the whole marriage thing. You have to find out which way your potential spouse hangs the roll. Ann Landers, advice queen of the ages, wrote on this topic and got amazing amounts of feedback from her readers. Cottonelle even centered a whole ad campaign around the "over or under" debate. Has Chris Harrison discussed this with Brad? Has Brad asked out how Emily and Chantal hang the roll? 

Both my husband and I are "over" people, thank goodness. Though, looking back on it, I should have asked him a follow-up question: will he ever replace an empty toiler paper roll with a fresh one?

How do you feel about the "over or under" debate?


Image via dogbomb/Flickr

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