50 Reasons Working Moms Have Better Sex

There is no one right way to be a mom. We all know this, but it doesn't stop us from sobbing every time we walk out the door for work. For full-time working moms, life can be one big sob-fest if you let it. And that, my friends, isn't conducive to good boinking.

Sex. It's the one thing all us mamas -- whether we work or stay home with the kiddos -- have in common. There's usually one reason we have a screaming mass of child to feel guilty over in the first place. And that reason is The Nasty. We all did it. We all do it. But who does it best?


Stay-at-home moms might argue that they do, based on all the reasons we lined up in our previous post about Stay-at-Home Moms Having the Best Sex. And now it's time to give all the working moms out there their due. Below, find all the reasons why career moms rock just as hard in the bedroom as they do in the board room. (Some may have even done it in the board room.)

Read each list and judge for yourself. Then tell us who wins and share some of your own reasons why -- just make sure it's SFW or you might find yourself back in the ranks of the stay-at-home mom sooner than you think, wink-wink.

Here are 50 reasons working moms have better sex:

  1. Adult conversation: Kids are great and all, but there is only so much "Look Mommy! A beehive!" that gets a person in the mood. Let's face it: Adult conversation is stimulating. For more than just the mind.
  2. Scrubbing IS sexy: Showers are a working mama's best friend. When you feel clean, you feel sexier.
  3. Blow off steam: Work makes you so mad. Had a stressful day? Pounding those blues away is sometimes the only way to fight 'em.
  4. Waking up before baby: Since you need to get ready for work, very often you're actually awake before your kids, leaving more time for nookie.
  5. Hot husbands: 93 percent of working moms say they're still attracted to their husbands. Do working moms marry hotter men? Hmmm ... maybe another post?
  6. Because mops aren't hot: Many dual-income families hire cleaning people and even errand runners to do the things they don't have time to do, or they divide what they do more evenly, so that leaves more time for sex.
  7. Business trips: Absence makes the heart grow fonder. It's amazing what a couple of nights in a hotel with free porn will do for your sex drive.
  8. Nylons and skirts: There is more opportunity to look your best when you have to dress up every day, and that keeps things hot with the hubs.
  9. Less resentment: In a household where work and home life are divided equally, there will be less resentment, which leads to more sex. After all, who really wants to boink the guy they kind of hate a little because he never does the dishes?
  10. More babysitters: Since you have a network of daytime sitters, you have more nighttime resources to call for date nights.
  11. It's all about the Benjamins: In families where both parents work, there is (usually) more disposable income, which leads to less stress and better access to babysitters and date nights. Over a lifetime, staying at home can cost a stay-at-home mom $1 million. Working moms keep that.
  12. Hungry for a little F-U (something): Working moms build up a lot of stress they need to blow off with FUN (what were you thinking I meant, you dirty perv?).
  13. Vacations: With more money, there is more room for vacations, even kidless ones, once in a while. And we all know vacation sex is drool-worthy.
  14. Sexual tension: Many moms admit to having a "work husband" who ups their sex drive and helps to bring that rev back. A little work flirtation is harmless and yet oh-so-hot.
  15. Good benefits beget benefits: Making sure all the sex parts are working with your good health insurance is one way to ensure smoldering sex. Gotta keep those lady parts in tip-top shape!
  16. Waxing and shining and whatnot: A working mom probably spends at least some portion of her time getting manicures, pedicures, regular hair trims, eyebrow waxing, etc. These little fixes lead to a lot more sexual confidence. Who wants a dirty toe to be sucked, after all?
  17. Loading the body with good stuff: For many working moms, only having themselves to worry about at lunch leads to healthier choices than moms who eat their children's leftover mac and cheese or lack the energy to start a second meal once they've stuffed the kids. Balanced eating leads to better sex.
  18. More self-esteem: Many working moms reported feeling guilt, but they also reported deriving a strong sense of self worth from their careers that translated into more bedroom confidence. The book The Feminine Mistake in part claims that working mothers are less depressed and have higher self-esteem than stay-at-home moms.
  19. Less boredom: Many stay-at-home moms reported feeling occasional bouts of boredom. Working moms switch gears more and so have less space to become bored.
  20. Sex is a priority: According to a Working Mom survey, 75 percent of working moms make sex a major priority.
  21. Brain freeze: After using her brain all day, a working mom loves the opportunity to use only her body. 
  22. Drama-free: A working mom comes home sick of all the negotiating. Sex is fairly drama-free, no delegating or negotiating required. 
  23. Shared duties: 30 percent of working moms (versus 13 percent of stay-at-home moms) say they share equally in parenting with their spouse. And what is hotter than that?
  24. More "me" time: Working moms reported getting slightly more "me" time than their stay-at-home counterparts, according to Redbook. One of the most important components of good sex is feeling whole as yourself, according to 72 percent in another Redbook survey.
  25. Something to talk about: Many stay-at-home moms report feeling like they don't have anyone to talk with besides their kids. Working moms have a whole other host of things they deal with daily that spice up the conversation and keep things equal. This is one of the most important parts of a healthy sex life.
  26. Better undies: Lingerie isn't at the forefront of your mind when you don't have to be in an office. Many stay-at-home moms report wearing crappier underwear. Working moms often have better underwear, which is a huge turn-on for many men.
  27. Daycare: Working moms and their hubbies can take personal days alone -- in bed -- while their kids are in day care. Why not? It's paid for anyway!
  28. Commute: Moms who commute have more time to daydream and fantasize and think about sex than moms who are constantly "on" with their kids.
  29. Schedule: Working moms become masters of planning and sex is no different. If they make it a priority and treat it like a work meeting, it's much more likely to happen. 
  30. Naughty mommy: The working mom has the wardrobe to play naughty librarian any old time.
  31. She works hard for the money (and he gets it): Many stay-at-home moms report feeling under-appreciated, which hurts their self-esteem and libido. Working moms still feel this, but to a lesser degree.
  32. Respect: Working moms have very happy marriages in many cases, even when they're more educated or better paid than their spouses. According to The New York Times, the more economically independent and well-educated a woman is, the more likely she is to stay married.
  33. What glass ceiling?: There is no glass ceiling in the bedroom, just a mirrored one (if she's lucky!).
  34. Letting it go: Many of my working mom friends have had to learn to let go of their kids' worries and hangups (like making sure they always look "perfect") in order to let their husbands have equal share in parenting. This can lead to better, less uptight sex.
  35. Kissable lips: Working moms have to wear makeup to go off to work, which can be a nice way to feel better about oneself and increase the old sex drive. 
  36. The bedroom is rat-free: After a long day in the rat-race, the husband is looking pretty delectable.
  37. More open: Working moms are going outside convention (even today) and often take that openness into the bedroom. According to Working Mother, 70 percent have used sex toys and adult movies to spice up their bedroom life.
  38. Effective multi-tasking is her middle name: One of the key parts of being a working mom is learning to balance a million different plates. Does he like you to use your hands AND mouth? No problem for a mom who is used to multi-tasking. 
  39. Liquid courage is free-flowing: Working moms drink a fair amount, which used incorrectly can lead to bad things, but one or two glasses can loosen everyone up and set the mood.
  40. Hot sex classes: Both working parents? There are actually classes you can take to reignite your sex life. Cheesy? Maybe. But I bet it helps.
  41. %&#@ Me Heels: Working moms are more likely to wear heels than their stay-at-home counterparts. There is something about heels that just make you want to have sex, no?
  42. Perfume: Working moms are more likely to have perfume as opposed to eau de spit-up.
  43. Washed hair: Nothing is better than freshly washed hair and makes you feel much sexier.
  44. Commuting never looked so hot: Some moms and dads can hop the train together ... and what else are train bathrooms for?
  45. Using that lunch break for naughty time: A working mom can meet the hubs for some afternoon delight at either office.
  46. Weekends are for lovin': Working moms are happy to be with their families on the weekends while their stay-at-home counterparts are probably hoping for a break. Weekends are for sex!
  47. Boinking co-workers set the mood: Adult conversations make for adult learning. Working moms get the skinny on hot sex without worrying about little ears eavesdropping.
  48. Vicarious thrills: There is always one co-worker whose young and single life makes for some thrilling stories that rev up an old married lady's sex life, too. Working moms have more exposure to women at all different stages of life.
  49. She thinks outside the box: A career allows a working mom to use her brain in a variety of ways. She brings that creativity into the bedroom, too.
  50. Falling into bed: Sometimes the best feeling in the world after a long and exhausting day is to touch, touch, touch, and few working moms are "touched out" at the end of the day.

Bottom line, if you're happy with your parenting and child care decision, you'll have better sex.

What do you think? Do you think working moms have better sex?


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