Tony Danza Divorce Proves ‘Two-Decade Itch’ Is Real

tony danzaSad news from the celebrity marriage world. Tony Danza and his wife Tracy have filed for divorce after 24 years. The reports have them married in 1986 and separated since 2006. Two decades. They were married for two decades and then called it quits.

It brings to mind other long marriages that have ended -- John Mellencamp and Elaine Irwin Mellencamp split after 18 years, Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife Trish after 17 years. Who didn't have their jaws drop when Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins ended their relationship after 23 years together?

Forget the three-year itch or the seven-year itch. I'm talking about the two-decade itch.


With the three-year itch, you just weren't right for each other. You gave it a go, but when the sexy spark was gone, there was nothing left. The seven-year itch is a bit more complex. Maybe the arrival of kids put too much of a strain on an already doomed relationship. Maybe you've become bored with each other. Maybe you aren't growing old together, but growing old apart.

But the two-decade itch? That's a whole other beast. You have grown old together. More than likely, you have a few kids, you've shared most every kind of memory there is with that person. And now you're splitting up. If you got married when you were 25, and you break up after 25 years -- you've spent half of your life with that person. That's going to take some getting used to.

I wonder if these couples were always unhappy and waited 'til the kids were grown up and out of the house to end it. Did another party enter the picture? Were they just different people than they were, oh, 10 years ago -- and it just took them this long to realize the relationship wasn't working?

I give these couples credit. It takes big guns to switch it up after this many years and start a brand new chapter. Just imagine Al and Tipper Gore. They split after 40 years of marriage. Wonder if the "four-decade itch" will start making headlines?

What do you think about the "two-decade itch"?

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