'Sister Wives' Season 2 Premiere Makes Polygamy Look Good

To watch TLC's show Sister Wives is to fall in love with the idea of polygamy. If you are in the least bit open minded, this family where all these women help and love one another seems pretty idyllic.

I mean, yes, there is the whole sharing your husband sexually issue, which is less than enticing for many, but once you get past that, the idea is really alluring. In the show, which has the second season premiering on March 13 on TLC at 9/8 c, the women do not talk much about sex, but rather about the benefits. And there are many.

It is so nice to imagine a family in which each person can really play to their strengths. One woman cooks, another cleans, Someone else works outside the home and another takes care of the children. Nice, eh?


Of course, I can't help but watch the show and wonder if they engage in group sex. But given their religious beliefs, I kind of doubt it.

As much as I want to keep an open mind and believe that these people are as happy as they say they are, I also think it takes a very special kind of person to overcome the insecurities and jealousies that might arise.

I am all for varying definitions of marriage and certainly support the idea that consenting adults should be allowed to have whatever kind of marriage they see fit, but it is hard to imagine it working. That said, I have changed a lot in the past eight years since I married my husband. We were engaged when I was 24 and still very immature. I used to get jealous when he had lunch with a co-worker.

Now, 8 years and two kids later, I would love some extra hands to help in our family and would probably gladly allow my husband nights with another woman to get it. Of course, the reality of that might feel different. Imagining my husband off in another bedroom, intimate with another woman in the same way he is intimate with me is making me a little quivery right now, so maybe I am not as evolved as I thought.

Drat! It really sounds so excellent in so many other ways. Polygamy would probably not work for everyone. Then again, the women on the show were mostly raised in polygamy, so for them, perhaps it is less of a leap.

Could you ever be in a polygamous marriage?


Image via TLC

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