Deep Throat Method of Detecting Cheaters

bill hillary clinton If your man has a lower, deeper voice pitch, he's more likely to have more sexual partners ... and babies. That's what researchers who study the science of cheating say, at least.

On the surface, you probably think, "Well, yeah, a guy with a deeper voice is just sexier, seems more confident, etc." so it's possible he's got more game. (But not necessarily.) It's also possible he's more likely to be unfaithful. (Again, not necessarily.)

But the infidelity researchers say, "Yes, necessarily!" They had college students listen to recordings of male and female voices that were digitally raised and lowered. Women deemed men with the lowest-pitched voices most likely to cheat -- and the most attractive. The same held true for the guys who listened to high-pitched women's voices.


Well, I guess that's good! At least we're clued into it, right? It does seem like it's instinctual. Think about it. If a guy had a higher-pitched voice (even if it was just relative to another guy with a lower tone), would you be as attracted to him? No, because he'd sound like Justin Bieber versus George Clooney! And for most sane adult women -- sorry, 20- and 30+ ladies who still love the Biebs and other teen heartthrobs -- more mature and more masculine equals more desirable.

The researchers say that these sexier, manlier men get their pick of women, so that's why they're more likely to stray. And apparently, they're more easily forgiven for playing the field. Bleh.

David Feinberg, an assistant psychology professor and adviser on the study, explained:

If these people are more attractive, they're more likely to be in a relationship. Because of their hormones, they're more likely to be promiscuous. And because they're more attractive, their partners are more likely to let them get away with it.

Uh, reality check! Isn't that like saying ... just because a guy is more physically attractive, he's more likely to cheat? I guess he is more able to cheat. But I definitely don't think all attractive people are necessarily more unfaithful!

Another wonky aspect here: The researchers say that men with deeper voices have higher levels of testosterone and, therefore, a higher sex drive (which does make sense). But, then they assume the higher sex drive automatically means Mr. Sexy Voice going to cheat. Ehhhh ... not sure 'bout that. Higher sex drive might just mean he's more likely to want to have sex more frequently with his one-and-only woman, right?

Even more dubious is what they're saying about women -- that more estrogen equals a Betty Boop-ish voice and more sex drive/likelihood of cheating. But hrmm ... to my understanding, women who are too high in estrogen as opposed to testosterone (which, FYI, certain types of the pill bind up and steal away from us) end up with flagging libidos! I've never heard that a woman had a revved-up sex drive because she was estrogen dominant. Actually, it's usually true that a woman with slightly higher testosterone would be hotter to trot.

So, I'm not buying this research 100 percent.

Here's a real clue: If you're so worried that your partner is going to cheat that you have to analyze his or her voice to see if it's higher or lower or whatever, maybe what you really need to do is consider your trust issues. Then, use that voice to talk about it!

Do you think voice pitch is linked to promiscuity?


Image via Veni Markovski/Flickr

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