Death of Business Cards Spells Doom for Daters

business cardsThe cassette player. The rotary phone. The VCR. All things that have headed out to pasture in terms of usefulness. Are we adding to that list the business card?

If video killed the radio star, then the smart phone is slowly killing the business card. Who needs a little slip of paper when you have your Blackberry right there to type in someone's info. Who needs a little rectangle with numbers on it, when you can get a text with the same?

Who needs business cards? Anyone in the dating world, that's who!


Say you are single. You are at a bar with your friends. You start chatting with a cute fella. He seems nice, he seems into you, he doesn't set off your Creep-O-Meter. And he does it old school: at the end of the night, he asks if he can call you. You don't want to give him your number -- your mama taught you right -- so you ask for his. If he had a business card, he can hand you his card, with his email, with his phone number and you can choose what to do.

But, according to the youth of today I've talked to, no one does that anymore. If you want to get his number, you program it in your phone or he texts it to you (which means you have given him your digits) or he Facebooks you (I still can't quite get the hang of that as a verb).

With these, you are exposing more of yourself than you may want to -- to basically a total stranger. Let's say it doesn't work out, you have to delete the contact info, de-Friend him. And if he turns out to be a total weirdo overnight, you may have to change your number, which would be a huge pain in the tush. If he just gave you his business card, all you would have to do is toss it in the trash. Really, when you think about it, a business card is so much better.

Though I have to say, these days, people have so many different things to put on a business card -- twitter handle, cell phone number, two or three email addresses. The card would have to get a bit bigger and who wants that? Remember, singles, keep it simple!

Do you still use business cards?

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