Sarah Silverman to Be Single Forever With This Attitude

sarah silvermanSarah Silverman is my favorite funny girl and I'm totally in love with her sense of humor. But like her mother (I assume), I'm worried about her happiness. Sarah went on Howard Stern today and talked about smoking pot, getting nude for movies, and her love life. The comedienne had some funny things to say and some heartbreaking revelations.

Before heading into Howard's studio, Sarah tweeted: "On my way to see my pal @howardstern. Dear sweet Jesus please don't let me piss anyone off."

Raise your hand if you're pissed off about what Sarah shared. (You can't see me, but I'm raising my hand, and so is her ex-boyfriend.)


Sarah told Howard that after she turned 40, she and boyfriend, Alec Sulkin, broke up after dating for about a year.

I just want to be free. I don’t want to be anybody’s girlfriend. I don’t want to be responsible for anybody’s happiness. I just want to be able to love people. I still totally adore him, you know. There isn’t anybody else. I’m not looking. And uh, I’ll totally have sex with [him], basically. And that’s what we do.

That's hard to hear. It sounds like Sarah thinks she's incapable of love, which is possibly the saddest thing anyone can say, other than "we're out of Chex Mix." But if he made her think she was responsible for his happiness, that's on him. Sarah is beating herself up with some pretty serious statements here.

I'm no psychaitrist, but I will certainly pretend to be. Sarah sounds a little to wrapped up in being her. She needs to work through those issues that are preventing her from being happy and in love. I noticed she didn't say anything about the relationship not working, or about how she wants to meet other people to find that spark ... in fact, she states she doesn't want to meet anyone else. She loves him, she just doesn't know how to allow herself to give into it. And losing control obviously scares her, and so do labels.

On one hand I want Sarah to feel contented, loved, and secure. But on the other, I'm nervous that if she does find happiness, her comedy will suffer, which will affect my happiness. After all, it's all about me.

Now there's something you don't hear a psychiatrist say everyday.

What do you think Sarah says in her quote?

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