Ex Porn Star Tericka Dye Needs a Job & You Can Help!

ladiesTericka Dye can't seem to escape her past. A certified high school teacher, Tericka has been forced out of two schools when administrators and parents found out about her former profession. She wasn't a drug dealer, a Russian spy, a mobster... in fact she wasn't even doing anything illegal. Tericka Dye made some porno movies back in the 1990s, and turns out that once that mark is on your resume, you're forever doomed.

Why can't we get over someone's X-rated past?


Pornography is everywhere. If you've ever stumbled, accidentally or otherwise, on what lurks behind the Google curtain, you know that it's almost unavoidable. Simply Google the word "porn" and you'll get 477,000,000 results. "Sex" yields 1.24 billion. With its pervasiveness and availability, it has become a part of our culture more than ever before.

A past in porn shouldn't prevent a future in a different industry. It's just another legal job that pays bills. As long as employees are happy and treated well in their jobs, I don't care if they're a PhD bagging groceries, a politician, or a porn star. A job is a job. 

If we're still afraid of talking about sex and talking about porn, maybe Tericka's case will do us a favor and remind us to acknowledge what's out there and to help erase the stigma of a profession that is profitable and lawful.

And if there are people out there who don't agree that porn stars should be able to make career changes, then they're essentially benefiting the porn industry. If adult film stars can't get other jobs, then they're forever stuck in the adult industry. So if you don't like porn out there on the Internet, best thing you can do is hire a porn star.

What are your thoughts on porn as a profession?

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