Who Does Brad Womack Pick? A Woman Who Puts Him in His Place

The Bachelor is no bastion of modern feminism and in many ways represents everything that is wrong with dating today, but one thing they usually get right is this: the women who are the most "girl-friendly" almost always get the man in the end.

It isn't a foolproof formula (think Vienna on Jake's season), but for the most part, the woman who people genuinely like in the house is the one who walks home with the man. It all goes back to a little thing our moms told us growing up: never choose a man over your friends.

Now, obviously, this changes as you get older and more serious. My husband IS my best friend and I will always choose him. But he has also proven his loyalty and devotion to me over a decade. Brad Womack, on the other hand? Six weeks and national television do not a devoted spouse make ...


The men know this, too (except for that anger management poster child we like to call Jake). Let's face it, a woman who isn't a sister to her fellow women may just be a jerk in general.

This isn't to say we should love all women. I certainly don't. But there is a difference between loving all women and being Michelle -- the "non-sister" of the bunch. She will go through life thinking women don't like her because they're envious of her beauty. And sure, that is part of it. A sexy, charismatic woman will have more problems making female friends, it's true. But that isn't why Michelle is hated.

Michelle is hated because she is mean. She doesn't value the other women and their feelings. She thinks she should win. She is, in short, just like Vienna. Choosing women over men doesn't necessarily mean not being in the game. Look at the Ashleys. They were best friends and had to go on a date together where one was eliminated. The one who went home cried, and even though the one who stayed was happy to stay, she also expressed concern for her friend.

No guy wants a mean woman who would ditch her entire life for him in a matter of weeks. More often than not, a confident man wants a confident woman who prioritizes her life in the right way. This is the kind of woman who makes a good wife and mother, not the immature woman who is only too happy to throw her sister under a bus to get 20 minutes alone with a guy she just met.

Who does Brad pick? I think it will be Emily. He will pick Emily because she has been consistently good about prioritizing things. She has put her child and her friendships first, and as a result, she seems confident and more alluring. Men don't want women who have nothing BUT them. They want women who choose them, too.

Do you choose men over friends?

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