Memo to Miley: Sexting Is Almost Always a Mistake

Miley Cyrus is growing up so fast and now it seems she's joining young Hollywood in having a love affair with sexting. The Disney star and teen idol is reportedly sending "flirty texts" to Jared Followill, 25, of Kings of Leon fame.

The two became acquainted at the after-party for the 2010 MTV Europe Music Awards in Madrid last November and have reportedly been texting back and forth and speaking on the phone ever since.

According to ContactMusic, Miley is doing it because she "wants to keep Jared interested." The messages she sends are described as "coy" rather than explicit, but we all know it's just a hop, skip, and a jump ... so far, he is liking it and showing them off, to boot. This doesn't bode well.

We can only guess at what she has been sending, but oh Miley. Sexting is almost never a great idea, especially when you are famous.


Remember, this is a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling. Actually it's a bit like a tattoo (and we all know how much Miley likes those).

Miley dear, we need to have a talk. Because I'm not a famous person. No one in the world is waiting for me to pose for Playboy and yet even still, I'm scarred from bad sexting experiences. Having lost my iPhone, I can assure you that the hundreds of nude photos that weren't password protected were seen by more people than I like to think about.

I blame my husband. He badgers me every day to send photos and flirty texts and I love to do so, but often forget to hit delete ... but let's forget about me. Let's talk about you. You are a big famous star who definitely should know better.

What happens when you and the rocker break up? Will he send these "flirty texts" to the media? Have you learned nothing from Brett Favre?

OK, so maybe Miley isn't full-on sexting. Flirting texts are one thing, but we all know they are a gateway communication. The next thing we know, she will have her own porno recorded by her iPhone and uploaded to every computer screen across the USA.

That will be a real party in the USA ... just say no, Miley. For the sake of all involved. Pick up the phone and say it, don't write it.

Do you send naughty texts?


Image via Rebellion2Fate/Flickr

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