Today's Wimpy Women Need to Grow a Set

woman car gas canThe line between being the kind of woman who knows how to let a man be a man and the kind of woman who is ridiculously dependent on a man is blurring more and more with each generation. And it’s come to my attention that too many ladies in the mid-20s to mid-40s bracket have taken the damsel in distress routine just a skosh too far. For whatever reason, our generation has produced some wimpishly helpless women, dainty, fragile creatures who can’t — or rather won’t — do for self.

Consider this as a PSA from all men, courtesy of some male friends and relatives in the dating world: Guys are sick of that crap.


Case in point: During one of the umpteen piddly little snowstorms we were hit with this season in Washington, DC, a neighbor plopped on some boots and perched a hat atop her mountain of hairweave to half-heartedly bail her Corolla from a mound of slush. “I’m so mad I have to shovel,” she mumbled to me while she flicked pitiful little spoonfuls of snow. “I need a man to be out here doing this for me.”

Pause, my fellow females. For one, in the amount of time she spent grumbling, whining, and boo-hooing her lack of masculine muscle power, she could’ve dug her car out and been slumped right back on her sofa. But more importantly, the fact that she was out there doing the grumbling, whining, and boo-hooing in the first place was probably the very reason she didn’t have a man.

I know I’m in the minority, but I get irked quick, fast, and in a hurry by women who believe in “men’s jobs,” prissy things who want a guy to rescue them from unpleasantries like carrying heavy bags and taking out smelly garbage and, Lord forbid, shoveling a few inches of snow. I have a man. I also have a shovel and no problem getting out there and using it, not because I love to be whipped by the wintry elements but because I don’t expect a dude to do for me what I can do for myself.

From what I hear, guys seem to like it when women can do it for themselves. It makes them feel like they have more of a partner and less of a responsibility — or in some cases, a liability. They like to brag on the things their girlfriend or wife can do, and trust and believe that sitting on the sofa while he loads in 40 hefty bags of groceries is probably not ne’er atop the list.

I’m not saying we should aspire to be the female answer to Paul Bunyan. There’s a time and a place for being delicate and allowing your dude to show off his brute strength (even if you secretly know you can bench press more than he can and save his ego from being crushed by not telling him you can change a tire a whole five minutes faster than he can). But for single women who desire to be booed up, or those in couples who want to stay that way, what I’m hearing from my circle of guys is that gals need to grow a set. So to speak, anyway.

Do you think there are just some things that are better left to men? Or are women honestly capable of doing traditional “man stuff” themselves? 

Image via kludgebox/Flickr

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