Is Prince Andrew the Charlie Sheen of the Royal Family?

prince andrewEvery family has one. The crazy uncle. The guy that always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Who gets the tongues wagging, the whispers going. The Royal Family is no different. Prince Andrew, second son of Queen Elizabeth, is that guy. 

Tabloids, as well as regular papers, have itemized the latest scandals of Prince Andrew. Top of the list: the prince has been friendly with billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was convicted of soliciting under-age prostitutes. While we're on the subject, the prince had the misfortune of being photographed with a prostitute -- yeah, not so "princely" an activity. And then there's a sticky situation with one of Muammar Gaddafi's sons.

Associating with prostitutes. His bosses thinking of "firing" him from his role as a special trade ambassador. If he starts tweeting about "tiger blood" and "winning," we may have Charlie Sheen 2.0 -- complete with a royal title.


Let's not forget the ex-wife. Just like Charlie, Prince Andrew has to deal with the constant woes of his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, from her tell-all book to pics of her post-divorce toes being sucked. All of this makes Andrew dating former erotic film star Koo Stark back in the day seem like not such a big deal, eh?

The Queen has got to be, well, a bit peeved. Her crown knocked a bit askew, so to speak. Here you have the royal family enjoying an unprecedented high, gearing up for the biggest PR event in recent history. (Pssst, you've heard the news, right? There's a wedding happening on April 29.) But leave it to Prince Andrew to whip up some nasty distractions like only he can. Yup, the castle has to be getting out the big hoses to douse this media fire ASAP.

You have to feel for Kate and William. Any bride and groom will tell you there's always one on the list. Maybe it's George, the crazy cousin on your mom's side. Or the kookadoo Aunt Flo, who's been known to sing "Old Man River" at every wedding since 1983. The one you have to invite because, well, they are family.

Let's just hope Prince Andrew doesn't start talking about his "Adonis DNA."

What do you think of the Royal Family?


Image via isafmedia/Flickr

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