New Charlie Sheen Buzzword Coming: Polyamory!

Tiger blood tshirtCharlie Sheen was temporarily looking for a new “goddess” for eight short hours over the weekend after tweeting that “Rachel has left the building.” A couple of hours later, Rachel Oberlin, also known by her porn name Bree Olson, was back and all was well at the Sober Valley Lodge.

Now Sheen is talking about the future with his two live-in girlfriends and about wanting to marry Oberlin and fellow goddess Natalie Kenly in a commitment ceremony.

So is there really anything wrong with this unconventional polyamory relationship? All three are consenting adults and Oberlin and Kenly both have publicly declared that their current living arrangement works well for them. And based on Sheen's multiple interviews in the last few weeks, we know it works for him. Winning!


As Oberlin explained, each woman fulfills different needs of Sheen’s so that there is no competition. And better yet, the two women get along and enjoy hanging out together so when Sheen is busy, either texting two of his ex-wives about child custody or getting a new tattoo, they're not bored. Sounds so wholesome, right?

Not in Sheen's case. Between the drugs, the what has to be mental illness, and the young kids that are involved, having two women with dubious intentions living at your house and helping to raise your children is just wrong. But, if you take all of the Charlie Sheen crazy out of it, this kind of relationship might actually make some sense for some. Sheen seems to want a polyamorous relationship, which is also known as consensual non-monogamy.

Polyamory isn't illegal because the participants aren't married to each other. And there is no deceit because the partners all know about each other, frequently sharing the same home. I don't think there's anything wrong with one man being with two women, or vice versa, sharing a home, a bed, and a life if all parties consent. 

I'm a one-man woman but I can see the benefits of this type of relationship: having multiple partners to fill your multiple needs. And I'm not talking about sexual needs. I'm talking about having shared interests with each of your partners. One partner may share your love of exercise and train with you for a marathon. The other partner may share your desire to travel the world and experience different cultures. It could work.

But of course, I'm talking about people who don't have tiger blood or Adonis DNA.

Can you see any of the benefits of polyamory?

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