In What Decade Would You Have Been Hottest?

We all know that beauty has changed a lot over the years. I have always had the theory that most people are beautiful, but some of us were just born in the wrong era for our looks. The truth is, styles and body types come and go in and out of style and we are lucky if we are living in a time where our style happens to be in.

For instance, how psyched were lean, flat-chested girls in the 1920s flapper era? All they had to do was bob their hair and they were the picture of beauty.

The video below reveals beauty through the ages and is very interesting in terms of how looks have changed. What era do you think would have been your best? See below:


The Guardian recently had a piece about beauty through the decades and their findings were very interesting. Here is what they had to say:


This decade was all about ponytails, glasses, and bouffants, thanks to the invention of hairspray. Curves were also in at this time.  


Elizabeth Taylor really brought in black eyeliner with Cleopatra and models like Twiggy brought in an era of a slimmer frame for women.


A more natural makeup look made its return, though not at night. By night, the disco scene was all about bright colors, false eyelashes, and glitter. Hair was long and straight for women.


The age of aerobics, blue eye shadow, and neon clothing, of course. Shows like Dallas and Dynasty provide inspiration for the pouffy '80s hair that required mucho mousse and Aqua Net to maintain. Well-maintained physiques with broad shoulders were the preferred bod of the day.


The '90s were all about bedhead and a more “natural” makeup look. Not to mention deep dark nails thanks to Uma Thurman and Pulp Fiction.

I'm pretty sure I'm a '70s face with a '50s/'80s body. I'm not sure how to feel about that. Only time will tell what this new decade will bring…

Which decade would you have fit in the best?


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