Faith Kroll Is the One Who Needs a Sex Lesson

sawAn exhibitionist (Faith Kroll) and her fiance (Jim Marcus) walk into a college classroom with a modified electric saw and proceed to demonstrate how to use it with the help of the exhibitionist’s vagina.

Is this a joke?

Unfortunately, it's not. This live demonstration took place at Northwestern University. John Michael Bailey, a Human Sexuality professor, arranged for the after-class event and students were not required to attend.

But still, since when was it okay for a college class to become a Times Square XXX-rated peep show?


Yeah, yeah, I know, the kids were all consenting adults and understanding your sexuality is important and sex is a beautiful thing. But I didn't realize cultural norms and morals had changed so much since I was in college. Granted, it’s been over 20 years since I stepped foot on a college campus, but the closest thing I got to a live sex demonstration was a viewing through a peep hole in a frat house. And that was just wrong. (Yes, that happened to me.)

And as a parent of kids not so far away from going to college, this is definitely not an experience I would want for them. My kids and I talk about sex, where babies come from, and their changing bodies. And I don't have a problem with classes on Human Sexuality or Sex Education. So sure, educate them about sexuality and sex but mainly so they can protect themselves from unplanned pregnancies, STDs, and AIDS. The rest of their education should come from self-exploration and from being in a monogamous, loving (even if it’s college love), respectful relationship. Not from watching some exhibitionist get off from her fiance inserting a sex toy in her vagina.

And, as a sidebar, Kroll is a genius here. She made what is probably one of her biggest exhibitionist fantasies come true. She was able to get off in front of a crowd of salivating, attention-feeding college students.

But hey, I’m not a prude. I love sex. I even watch an occasional pornographic movie, read erotica, and yes, use sex toys. Hell, I'm the Sex Toy Queen here at The Stir. But, I'm also in a monogamous relationship and participate in these things with my husband. Or by myself, alone in my room. And that's different than some kid, age 17-21 years old, watching a woman get off from a souped-up saw in her vagina.

And where do you draw the line for these college kids? Do you line up a bunch of erect male volunteers, preferably not sex offenders, and have students put condoms on them so that they learn the correct way to do it? Or let them practice cunninglingus on bored housewives so they can better "understand" human sexuality?

No. What happened at Northwestern was a mockery of human sexuality. Teaching the kids, because really that is what they are, that sex is not an intimate act between two people. And that their bodies are really just objects.

Does this type of "class" send the wrong message to students?

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