Lady Gaga Sex Confession Makes Us Say 'Yes, Yes, YES!'

lady gaga monster ballLady Gaga sings about being a "Government Hooker," being caught in "Bad Romance"s, and takin' rides on disco sticks, so it's no wonder everyone's a little bit curious about her sex life. We figure her sexual exploits would be just like her image: Wild, unpredictable, eccentric, kinky, maybe a bit raunchy. But Gaga seems to want to tear down some of those stereotypes about her personal life.

In a recent issue of Grazia magazine, she shared:

I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 17. But I have to say even then I wasn’t ready and it was an absolutely terrible experience. It wasn’t good at all.

Sadly, that kind of experience is probably more common than uncommon for many teenage girls. And I wouldn't be surprised if, like many girls, Gagaloo felt peer pressure to "get it over with" to shed a goody two-shoes reputation or to feel better about herself ... or a combo of both.


But no matter how "normal" that scenario is, it seems like most teens who have sex for those reasons end up regretting it or, like Gaga, looking back on it as a cringe-fest.

She went on to explain:

I never actually enjoyed sex until two years ago. It was a proper monogamous relationship in which I felt free enough to trust and I had enough self love ... Sex is the ultimate expression of vulnerability and for me it was important to know that it was a proper relationship so it was sex as a source of love and nothing else.

Wow -- just two years ago?? Well, I guess it's easy to forget that she'll only be 25 next month. So, she really only started enjoying sex when she was about 22-23. Her confession definitely strikes a personal chord with me ... because I didn't actually "do it" until I was 23.

Some girls wait because the Bible taught them to; I think I got the idea that two people should be in love to have sex, because that's how it went down between Brenda and Dylan on 90210!

A generous diet of rom-coms and primetime soaps while growing up convinced me that galaxy-shattering, fate-driven love is out there and eventually attainable. And upon experiencing this unparalleled emotion, you are destined to share the ultimate physical act with that other lucky fool. (Cue Berlin's "Take My Breath Away" or Madonna's "Crazy for You" -- you get the picture.) I had always wanted that. And so, I waited for it.

Also, I didn't want my first time to be a one-night stand that left me flat on my back and forgotten the next day. I didn't want it to be based on a quick fix or a merely lustful fling. I wanted it to be with someone who was worthy of not just my body, but also my mind and soul. I had no doubt that I wanted it to be about love.

So, as you can tell, I'm on the same page as Gaga. Loving yourself while sharing respect, trust, and extraordinary emotion with another person all seem like necessary ingredients for satisfying sex. No, it's not something that seems to come that easily. But given that this hopeless romantic did end up finding it -- "sex as a source of love," as Gaga so wisely puts it -- it's certainly worth waiting for. And we're all worthy of it.

Are you surprised by Gaga's sex confession? Did you wait for love?


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