I'd Give Up Sex to Be Skinny

Funhouse mirrorWhat’s more important to you: having sex or being thin? If you said being thin, then you're in agreement with the 51 percent of women surveyed by Fitness Magazine who said that they would give up sex for a year in exchange for being thin.

A year is a long time. But I actually thought about it for a few minutes, wondering if the deal included masturbating. Because, in a fantasy world, I might give up sex for a year if it guaranteed that I would be thin for the rest of my life. And I could eat as much pasta and chocolate chip cookies as I wanted to. And don’t forget the potato chips, Spicy Thai ones please.

Unfortunately, I choose to live in reality, where this wouldn't actually happen. And even if it did, my husband would be in a bad mood for a year and I wouldn't want that.


But I am living proof that it gets harder to maintain your figure after you hit your 40s. Eat less, exercise more is easier than it sounds. At least for me. But does your changing body make you less attractive to your spouse or vice versa? Do you owe it to them to take care of your physical appearance?

I was 20 pounds lighter when I first met my husband. I'm not fat by any standard because I was divorce diet thin to begin with. But those 20 pounds were screaming at me when I looked at my underwear-clad self in an illuminated department store three-way mirror the other day. When I got home, I mentioned what I saw to my husband and he kind of sheepishly said, "I know." And I was embarrassed, mainly because over the course of the past year, I had let myself go.

So now I'm on a self-imposed food and exercise regimen. Not because my husband agreed with me. Fortunately for me, he finds me sexy even when I feel I'm at my worst. No, I'm doing it because I don't feel as good about myself as I want to. Getting back in shape and losing some weight is making me feel sexier in my skin.

I'm happy that I don't have to make the choice between being thin or having sex. Having sex with my husband makes me feel sexier, which, in turn, makes me feel better about my body. It's a not-so-vicious cycle. And in the meantime, I've stocked our bedroom with lots of candles.

Do you feel less sexy when you gain weight?


Image via Pat Hawks/Flickr

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