Infidelity 'Hall Pass': Would Your Husband Jump on It?

hall pass owen wilson jason sudeikisSo I'm sure you've heard about the new Owen Wilson movie, Hall Pass, in which two married men get one week to do whatever they please -- including bedding young, hot babes -- without consequences. Sound crazy? Britney Spears agrees. After seeing the movie, she tweeted: "Jason [Trawick] is NEVER getting a Hall Pass!"

I know Brit's only joking around here, but I might argue that a person's truly strong reaction against this whole hall pass scenario might tell a lot about the strength of her relationship in the first place.

How would your marriage stand up to the "hall pass" discussion, dear readers?


If you stop right now and consider for a moment the idea of the relationship or marital "hall pass," what's your reaction? Are you the woman who says, "Ha! Go for it" because you know your guy couldn't muster a single pickup line in a matter of a week -- or more importantly wouldn't even want to? Or does the idea kinda scare you? Do you say, "Hell no! What man could stand up to that kind of temptation?"

Of course, still others of you might be saying, "Hell no!" because the idea of a hall pass is just straight disrespectful to your marriage. The idea of even giving or taking one is just wrong, kinda gross, and really not the point of marriage or any monogamous relationship. However, if the idea of even discussing a hall pass truly makes you nervous, then you might want to consider why that is. Are you afraid your husband would take the challenge and run with it?

I haven't seen the film, but from what I can tell, the two wives are trying to make a point by setting up their 40-something, sex-obsessed husbands to fail by giving them "free access" to all the young, single hotties they think they could score were they not shackled by marriage. In turn, I'm guessing, this master plan is supposed to remind their husbands that they're old dudes who got no game, and who "simply forgot" to stop and appreciate the way-hotter-than-they-deserve wives -- played by Christina Applegate and Jenna Fischer -- they have at home.

Whatever, ha ha, it's funny, I guess ... But if my husband got as excited as these guys about taking an adulterous break from marriage -- or let's be honest, took me up on the idea in the slightest -- I'd be seriously worried about my relationship. And if any married guy's got that much "game" that he could throw down some serious cheat action on a one-week hall pass, then he's probably already cheating.

What's your reaction when you think of giving your partner a "hall pass"? What reaction do you think your partner would have to getting one?

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